Next Week On General Hospital: January 11, 2021

Sonny is still missing and his loved ones are growing even more worried. Look for Jason and Carly to start making some important decisions in the mob boss’ absence. Meanwhile, Anna, Finn, Maxie and Peter continue to plan their double wedding. Things will get complicated as they struggle to keep a few secrets from putting a damper on the upcoming nuptials. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Monday TV-14-DLSV

  • Jason meets with Brando.
  • Sam and Dante bond.
  • Chase seeks out Finn for advice.
  • Tracy nearly blows Ned’s secret.
  • Alexis speaks to Jordan about her legal troubles.

Tuesday TV-14-DLV

  • Jordan tries to make amends with Molly.
  • Curtis intervenes with TJ.
  • Ava blindsides Carly.
  • Jax and Joss come to an agreement.
  • Maxie asks Nina to do a cover story on Sasha.

Wednesday TV-14-LDV

  • Brick meets with Jason.
  • Sasha calls out Cyrus.
  • Curtis runs into Laura.
  • Olivia looks to help Sam.
  • Alexis receives a painful reminder.

Thursday TV-14-DLV

  • Sam and Olivia work together.
  • Tracy catches up with Finn.
  • Chase runs into Michael.
  • Willow remains conflicted.
  • Jason is convinced Cyrus is responsible.

Friday TV-14-LV

  • Carly has to make a heart-wrenching decision.
  • Jax and Nina take a big step in their relationship.
  • Ava inadvertently comes closer to exposing a secret.
  • Cameron and Trina wonder what to tell Josslyn.
  • Olivia seeks Robert’s help.

Up Next:

  • Jason warns Britt about Cyrus.
  • Anna looks for answers.
  • Liz is furious with Jason.
  • Bobbie attempts to distract Ava.
  • Franco looks to Scott for help.

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