Next Week On General Hospital: January 14, 2019

Anna got a shock when she suddenly lost her sight. Griffin and Finn do the best to assess the situation and find the cause. Is this related to Anna cancer or is something else going on? Look for the men in her life to grow concerned about her condition as they look for answers. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

From brain worms to toxoplasmosis, GH has had its share of rather strange medical mysteries in recent years. It’s nice to see the series use the hospital with these sort of story lines but I’m hoping that this latest conundrum isn’t about discovery parasites so much as learning something about the characters involved. How Peter, Finn and Griffin react to Anna’s plight will no doubt say a lot about their relationships.


  • Sonny is torn on what to do.
  • Jason makes a promise.
  • Ryan adds another potential victim to his list.
  • Sam decides to be supportive of Kristina’s choices.
  • Nina receives a veiled threat.


  • Josslyn appreciates Cameron.
  • Alexis bumps into Oscar.
  • Monica worries about how Oscar’s condition is affecting Drew.
  • Finn is anxious about Anna’s condition.
  • Julian questions Willow’s motives.


  • Carly feels cautious.
  • Mike’s loved ones have cause for concern when his condition worsens.
  • Laura makes an announcement.
  • Mac asks Peter to keep an eye on Maxie.
  • Curtis has a heart-to-heart with Stella.


  • Sam is taken aback.
  • Jason issues Drew a warning regarding Shiloh.
  • Alexis calls a meeting with Laura, Monica and Scott regarding Gail.
  • Anna gets an updated about the severity of her condition.
  • Willow calls a meeting with Lulu and Nina to discuss Charlotte’s continued behavior.


  • Ryan makes an appointment with Carly.
  • Sonny visits Morgan’s grave again.
  • Lulu is disappointed with Peters decision.
  • Lucy thwarts Valentin’s plan.
  • Maxie is uncertain what action to take.

Up Next:

  • Ryan takes a moment to gloat.
  • Jason risks his life.
  • Marcus shares his side of the story.
  • Franco and Liz have a heart to heart.

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