Next Week On General Hospital: January 25, 2021

Now that Liz knows about Franco’s deal with Jason, she’s going to take steps to protect her husband. Unfortunately, Jason isn’t the only threat to Liz’s happiness. Look for Peter to make a desperate move to ensure Franco’s silence. But will his plan backfire? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I was beginning to wonder whether the writers had forgotten that Franco asked Jason to put a hit on him if his tumor turned evil. I’m glad that the beat is being played now because it seemed like an odd thing to play at the time. While I think Jason should have spoken to Liz about it right away, it does certainly highlight Jason’s missed time in Port Charles. I totally understand why he wants to kill Franco but at the same time he hasn’t been around to witness Liz fall in love with the artist or Jake being helped through art therapy or Drew’s friendship. His understanding of the situation is outdated.

I am hoping that through these disagreements that Sam, Liz, Franco, Jason, Britt, Dante and all will start to put the pieces together and expose Peter. I don’t expect this story to be resolved in the near future but I appreciate that there is at least some movement.

Monday TV-14-L

  • Nina is wise to Valentin’s machinations.
  • Carly enlists help.
  • Ava is determined to make peace.
  • Willow makes an important decision.
  • Maxie attempts to diffuse a potentially bad situation.

Tuesday TV-14-DLSV

  • Bobbie attempts to distract Ava.
  • Michael considers next steps.
  • Finn looks to Jackie for answers.
  • Anna and Jordan take a moment to bond.
  • Portia helps Curtis.

Wednesday TV-14-LDV

  • Willow offers Sasha her support.
  • Peter publishes a disconcerting article.
  • Liz has a heart to heart with an old friend.
  • Nina and her boyfriend resist Valentin’s bait.
  • Nikolas is contemplative.


  • Lucy is dismissive of Carly.
  • Val helps Nina try to get to the truth.
  • Curtis gets a fresh new perspective about relationships.
  • Alexis goes to the hospital with Sam.
  • Jason and Britt come up with a strategy.


  • Nina’s curiosity is piqued.
  • Olivia’s confusion mounts.
  • Liz takes Jason to task.
  • Alexis begins to comprehend the error of her ways.
  • Monica grows tired of a house guest.

Up Next:

  • Obrecht makes a desperate plea.
  • Sam harbors an obligation to Dante.
  • Maxie visits Nathan’s grave.
  • Franco looks to Kevin for help.

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