Next Week On General Hospital: January 28, 2019

Family matters in Port Charles can be complicated. Newlyweds Curtis and Jordan deal with family drama in the form of Aunt Stella while also trying to track down a serial killer. Laura is desperate to find out who attacked her daughter. Kristina’s family continues to have concerns about her involvement with Shiloh’s Dawn of Day. Julian cautions Brad to be careful or risk exposing the truth about Wiley. Kim and Drew continue to struggle with the knowledge they will lose their son. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

It’s fun to watch crime-solving duos track down the bad guys. It’s one of the reasons television shows like Hart to Hart, Bones, and The X-Files were so popular. GH isn’t short on these type of pairings – Anna and Robert, Jason and Sam and now Curtis and Jordan. I like Curtis and Jordan but the writing for them isn’t smart. Though they’re able to find a clue or two, you never have a sense that they’ll actually solve any of their cases. Police Commissioner Jordan in particular seems to miss the obvious more often than not. Also, why is Curtis filling the role of lead detective on high-profile cases if he’s not a member of the PCPD?

This past week Jordan and Curtis caught a break in their investigation when they discovered a bloody footprint left by the serial killer. They quickly brought Peter August in for questioning as he owns a pair of shoes that match the footprint. But Peter couldn’t be the man they’re looking for because he has an airtight alibi for Kiki’s murder – Jordan and Curtis. He was at their wedding at the time of Kiki’s murder. Writing like this is annoying and isn’t going to make this couple popular with the audience.

I think the main reason for Jordan and Curtis not being great at solving cases is because these mysteries aren’t written with them in mind. Ryan Chamberlain isn’t their story. Their role in this tale is to NOT solve the case. I’d like to see a story written specifically for them, something that challenges their family dynamics. Neither Curtis or Jordan have an angelic past. Curtis was a drug addict and a bit of player. Jordan had an affair when she was married to Curtis’ brother and, when the character was initially introduced, not above using her feminine wiles. There’s a lot that can be explored with these characters if the writers are willing to write it.


  • Sam has unfinished business to take care of.
  • Laura requests privacy.
  • Ryan is intent on finishing the job with Lulu.
  • Robert suspects he’s been lied to.
  • Curtis calms Jordan.


  • Laura is desperate.
  • Ava is concerned about her future in Port Charles.
  • Carly has a meeting with Griffin.
  • Sam comes up with a plan.
  • Stella corners Curtis.


  • Kevin is enraged.
  • Drew and Kim find comfort in one another.
  • Julian warns Brad to keep his distance from Willow.
  • Michael takes Wiley to Charlie’s.
  • Lucas and Bobbie support each other.


  • Julian wants to clarify the situation.
  • Drew becomes flustered.
  • Alexis joins Kristina.
  • Chase and Jordan continue their investigation into the murders.
  • Elizabeth looks to Brad for help.


  • Sonny is surprised by a visitor.
  • Curtis stands guard.
  • Franco is furious.
  • Jordan seeks Kevin’s insight into the mind of a killer.
  • Kim learns the truth.

Up Next:

  • Franco is put in a precarious position.
  • Ryan sets his sights on a new victim.
  • Obrecht is curious about Maxie’s influence over Peter.
  • Sasha surprises Nina.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: January 28, 2019

  1. cooks7570

    January 27, 2019 at 7:16pm

    Where’s Valerie at too. I want to see Valerie do police work too. Didn’t Valerie and Lulu makeup, So why aren’t we seeing Valerie at least coming to see Lulu?

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  2. Julie

    January 29, 2019 at 2:28pm

    They also do illegal stuff together. Curtis broke into Jim Harvey’s house and jordan was there and looking around without a search warrant, cause and out of her jurisdiction. They had no cause until they heard Betsy, but Curtis still was guilty of b&e and Jordan was still out of her jurisdiction. Good thing Drew killed him because that could be thrown out and he could have them arrested. Plus curtis and his “p.i. partner” were questioning people in the police station then went and acted like they had a right to question Franco when he had been knocked out. They aren’t police, he didn’t have to answer them at all.

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