Next Week On General Hospital: January 7, 2019

Port Charles’ next generation is rebelling, causing concern for their families. After a breakup and rejection, Kristina thinks she has found some new friends who understand her. But Shiloh’s post holiday self-care is really more of a cult. Sam is correct to sense things aren’t on the up and up. Meanwhile, Cam has found himself in hot water thanks to his failed attempt to help Oscar. Franco and Liz will do their best to help him weather the storm. Make sure to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Sam worries about what Kristina has gotten herself into.
  • Josslyn shows support for Oscar.
  • Kim meets with Terry regarding her son’s condition.
  • Drew calls Julian out on his actions.
  • Ryan keeps an eye on Laura.


  • Sam feels left out.
  • Franco is anxious for his family.
  • Alexis clarifies a misunderstanding.
  • Kim returns to Oscar’s hospital room.
  • Cameron hopes for the best.


  • Sonny checks on Lulu.
  • Jordan tells Margaux everything she knows.
  • Ned is compassionate.
  • Drew and Sam find a way to help one another.
  • Alexis states her case.


  • Lulu tells Peter about her chat with Margaux.
  • Anna gets a second chance.
  • Elizabeth gets good news.
  • Finn reconnects with Alexis.
  • Olivia puts her doubts aside.


  • Franco startles Ava.
  • Peter helps Anna.
  • Griffin runs into Sonny at the chapel.
  • Kim and Drew think about their future.
  • Valentin makes a romantic gesture.

Up Next:

  • Ryan adds another name to his list.
  • Josslyn is grateful to Cameron.
  • Alexis calls a meeting with Laura, Monica and Scott.
  • Sonny visits Morgan’s grave.

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