Next Week On General Hospital: July 1, 2019

As Franco and Liz’s wedding party approaches, their family deals with their own love lives. Scott has had his heart eyes on Ava but she’s put him in the friend zone. Franco will encourage his father to try the dating scene. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, Cameron is still struggling with not only losing his friend but with his feelings for Joss. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I’m not sure what to think about the bizarre writing for Kim. It’s certainly not boring seeing the grieving mother unravel and Tamara Braun is doing a great job with the material handed to her. But it feels like her downward spiral was mostly done just to have Shiloh learn that Brad and Lucas adopted his son. Kim thought that Shiloh was odd when Oscar had shown some interest in Dawn of Day. She has only interacted with him on a few occasions. Why would she call him over to her apartment to ask him for tips on how to get sex from Drew?

Kim provides a lot of things that GH needs – another doctor for the hospital, a friend for Liz and a key to Drew’s mysterious past. On paper, she is an excellent character. The written execution is where it all goes down hill. Her roles as a doctor, friend and ex-lover have gotten pushed aside in favor for some strange motherly behavior. First, she lied to her son about his tumor, something that doesn’t make sense for a doctor or mother to do, and now she is trying to essentially recreate Oscar. I’m all for soaps trying to be different but, in this case, I think I would have preferred the traditional grief sex and fallout.

Editor’s Note: Due to the holiday, an encore episode will be shown on Thursday.


  • Jason and Sam reconnect.
  • Chases expresses his concerns.
  • Mac works his magic.
  • Alexis is grateful for all that she has.
  • Laura presses Robert for info.


  • Carly suffers a sleepless night.
  • Finn sympathizes with Chase.
  • TJ shares his findings from a DNA search.
  • Curtis looks to fulfill his promise.
  • Franco urges Scott to try the dating scene.


  • Franco worries about Cameron.
  • Alexis is caught off-guard.
  • Josslyn gets an invitation.
  • Scott feels he has seriously been misunderstood.
  • Kristina learns more about Willow’s predicament.


  • Harmony gets a visit.
  • Sam proposes a solution.
  • Kristina asks Neil to council her and her mom.
  • Sonny waits on a call from Brick.
  • Cameron feels awkward around Joss.

Up Next:

  • Franco and Elizabeth celebrate.
  • Jax receives a pleasant surprise.
  • Sam goes to Mac with renewed hope.
  • Laura urges Lulu to go get her husband.

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