Next Week on General Hospital: July 12, 2021

Thanks to TJ and Molly, freedom is on the way for both Shawn and Alexis. Alexis’ health has suffered during her incarceration causing Sam to grow concerned. Look for the Davis girls to get help from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Shawn has a lot to work out with Jordan and TJ. Will these families be able to adjust to their new circumstances? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I wasn’t on board with Sam and Dante getting romantic until this past week. Reeling from the dose of reality Jason and Carly’s engagement dished out, the cop and the private detective shared a passionate kiss. It was not only a good kiss but a very in character one.

This new pairing’s biggest obstacle in connecting with the audience has been the plot heavy writing. The story went from a bizarre focus on the fact that the characters share a brother (nobody even remembers Leo!) to a manufactured “enemies to lovers” romantic comedy trope. Dante isn’t perfect but he’s a nice guy. His out of the blue animosity toward Sam made zero sense. And Sam isn’t Julia Roberts. She’s the always sexy and often messy bad girl.

Sam and Dante both finding out they can love again after both losing the people they loved for over a decade is where the story is at not some manufactured clash between them that never existed before. Now that the story has shifted motivation from awkward disagreements to moving on from past romantic obsessions, I’m interested to see where this new couple’s journey leads.


  • Austin approaches Carly about the Michael Corinthos’ wing at GH.
  • Britt and Obrecht come to an understanding.
  • Sam is worried about Alexis’ well-being.
  • Jordan, Shawn and TJ have a family discussion.
  • Curtis is apologetic.


  • Laura tries to bolster Nikolas.
  • Sonny awaits important news.
  • Scott shares a big announcement.
  • Maxie looks to Nina for advice.
  • Trina defends Ava.


  • Monica receives intriguing news.
  • Brook Lynn is worried her secret will be exposed.
  • Anna and Finn navigate their complicated relationship.
  • Nikolas is pleasantly surprised.
  • Laura tries to reassure Ava.


  • Nina surprises Brook Lynn.
  • Anna and Valentin discuss their evolving relationship.
  • Sonny awaits Lenny’s return.
  • Carly faces off with Gladys.
  • Curtis and Portia address the tension between them.


  • Sam questions Jason’s motives.
  • Phyllis gives a protective warning about Nina.
  • Brando gets to the bottom of Sasha’s hesitation.
  • Maxie needs a favor.
  • Ned, Brook Lynn and Michael come together for a common goal.

Up Next:

  • Anna and Valentin chase a lead in their quest to find Maxie’s baby.
  • Britt has a surprise reunion at the Metro Court pool.
  • Chase pushes himself in physical therapy.
  • Trina conspires to get Ava and Nikolas back together.

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One thought on “Next Week on General Hospital: July 12, 2021

  1. Carol Southard

    July 10, 2021 at 5:43pm

    While I love Sam and Dante I don’t love them as a couple. Their scenes look very scripted and forced to me. Sam never even been allied to mourn Drew and has been in a dysfunctional relationship with Jason for years. Why must she be in a relationship at all for a while? Why can’t she get her growth and self esteem back that was destroyed for a Jasam redo? She can be a PI or run Aurora and be a mom. Sam’s best pairing was with Billy Miller’s Drew which was destroyed for no good reason and CM is a poor substitute considering he doesn’t even resemble Billy. Putting her with Dante seems like a forced plot point for Drew’s return always at Sam’s expense. Let Sam just be independent Sam.

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