Next Week On General Hospital: July 15, 2019

Look for the fallout from Friday’s cliffhanger to hit Port Charles hard this week. Maxie and Peter’s quest to bring Dante home ended in a shocking event. Lulu will turn to Sonny for help as someone is brought to General Hospital. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Dante’s story has taken a dark, unpleasant turn and it’s not really a story I particularly want to watch. When Dominic Zamprogna chose to leave GH to pursue other opportunities, the writers were challenged with what to do with Lulu. I understand it’s tricky to divide Lulu and Dante because they are a popular pairing but having responsible Dante on this sort of downward spiral is too bleak for the couple.

While recasting Dante is a solution, I don’t like the idea. Other than the fact that GH’s more recent recasts are lukewarm at best, Dante wasn’t written for while Zamprogna was in the role. What would be the point? GH could bring Lulu’s ex-flame Johnny back to keep her occupied thus leading to the eventual desolve of her marriage. Or they could try her with one of the many men currently residing in Port Charles.


  • Lulu approaches Sonny for help.
  • Alexis bumps into Finn.
  • Julian wonders if his efforts are enough.
  • Kristina has a warning for Ava.
  • Jason worries about Carly.


  • Lulu is furious.
  • Kim and Julian have a heart-to-heart about her mental state.
  • Curtis checks in with Drew.
  • Jax is warned about an alliance.
  • Ava takes meeting at the hospital.


  • Carly wants to know Josslyn’s opinion.
  • Sonny is livid with Ava.
  • Cameron has a surprise for Liz.
  • Franco notices something peculiar.
  • Lucas wants answers.


  • Sam surprises for Jason.
  • Valentin meets with Curtis.
  • Sasha makes an unexpected declaration.
  • Nina tries to apologize.
  • Curtis opens up about his fears.


  • Shiloh grows more desperate as things do go his way.
  • Kristina is left shaken.
  • Jason and Drew honor their promise to Oscar to build a treehouse together.
  • Laura offers her support.
  • Chase has bad news.
  • Jordan is disturbed.

Up Next:

  • Valentin has a tense run-in with Ava.
  • Cameron betrays a friend during his community service assignment.
  • Drew receives a mysterious package.
  • Jordan pushes Stella for more information.

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