Next Week On General Hospital: July 16, 2018

Nelle may think she has the men in her life right where she wants them but she’s about to fall into a trap…that is unless Carly’s antics get in the way. Friday’s cliffhanger had the groom’s mother arriving to stop the wedding. Michael may have to chose between reassuring an anxious Carly or carrying on with the ruse. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

While not every single detail of what Jordan, Chase and Michael have plotted is clear, we know that it involves Michael faking his own death. Carly, who is still having trouble coping with the loss of one son, is desperate not to lose another. I wonder if GH will go as far as to have Carly believe Michael has died. I have a feeling that things aren’t going to go as planned, turning Carly’s mental illness a reality. That’s one theory anyways.

  • Michael finds himself conflicted.
  • Jordan is sympathetic to the situation.
  • Sonny shares his frustrations.
  • Ava manages to deflect.
  • Josslyn spills some tea.
  • Maxie senses something isn’t quite right.
  • Valentin puts the pieces together.
  • Obrecht is overcome with emotion.
  • Nina makes a promise.
  • Liz urges Franco to make the right choice.
  • Curtis has an explanation for Liz.
  • Valentin is able to buy some time.
  • Julian pays Sonny a surprise visit.
  • Kim makes a plea to Julian.
  • Chase puts Nelle’s mind at ease.
  • Sonny may be in over his head.
  • Carly’s actions have consequences.
  • Nina dodges accusations.
  • Liz is proud of Kiki.
  • Griffin gives some pushback.
  • Obrecht is faced with an obstacle.
  • Diane is the bearer of bad news.
  • Jason is apprehensive.
  • Nelle leans on Chase for assistance.

Up Next:

  • Drew runs into Margaux.
  • Nina wonders about a sudden stroke of luck.
  • Sonny tries to understand how things got so out of hand

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