Next Week On General Hospital: July 2, 2018

General Hospital celebrates Fourth of July in Port Charles next week and nothing brings families together like fireworks in the park! Julian confides in Kim his desire to be a father to his children. He has taken an interest in Lucas and Brad’s surrogate. Will his need to know all the details get the best of him? Julian’s daughter is trying to put some distance between herself and her potential suitors but it’s hard to fight fate. A chance meeting will lead to some quality time. Meanwhile, Liz and Franco discuss their upcoming life together and their love for their family. Be sure to watch GH daily and remember to set you DVRs!

Cade McWatt makes his debut soon as the new teenage Cameron Webber. I’m more excited about this than I thought I would be. GH’s teen scene right now consists of Joss and Oscar. Their big teen stories so far have been helping a transgender friend and whining about their parent’s lives, a far cry from GH’s beloved and badass Scooby Gang. These kids should be getting into trouble while struggling with the highs and lows of being young. Adding a third party to the mix is a good start. McWatt is an attractive young man and will no doubt cause Oscar and Joss’s relationship to be a little less secure.

It’s not just the teens’ story that a slightly older Cam will add to. If Cam inherited both his parents’ mischievous nature, he’ll give his mother and step-father a lot to worry about. To be crystal clear, I do not want Cam being bratty to his parents! That’s not only unoriginal but goes against the already established story. I want him to adore his parents while having a bit of a wild persona. Liz and Franco will need to help guide him on the right path and deal with the consequences of his actions.

Editor’s Note: Due to the holiday, Wednesday July 4th will be an encore of the Ava centric episode. Original air date January 17, 2018.

(ABC/Craig Sjodin) EDEN MCCOY

  • Michael has a surprise Nelle.
  • Sonny receives encouraging news.
  • Chase makes a confession.
  • Peter has a warning for Obrecht.
  • Maxie feels conflicted.
  • Nelle continues to use her charms.
  • Sonny offers Carly reassurance.
  • Franco’s fears are put to rest.
  • Julian opens up to Kim about his family.
  • Josslyn looks to make amends for her behavior.
  • Julian considers expansion.
  • Sonny gets word from an old friend.
  • Franco has a heartfelt conversation with Scott.
  • Sam makes a clean break.
  • Kim has an important discussion with Oscar.
  • Jason assures Sonny that things will work out in their favor.
  • Nelle’s appointment is delayed.
  • Micheal suggests a solution.
  • Kiki is put at ease.
  • Maxie gets a surprise visit.
  • Peter sees a glimmer of hope.

Up Next:

  • Peter makes a promise.
  • Jordan looks to Stella for guidance.
  • Something about Oscar seems too familiar to Ava.

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  1. Lucy D

    June 29, 2018 at 5:01pm

    Thanks Jenn. Way TOO much Peter in these.

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