Next Week On General Hospital: July 23, 2018

Friday ended in a fiery cliffhanger when Liesl set the stables a flame and left Nina and Peter to burn. Valentin arrived in time to save his lady love but Peter’s situation is still dire. After months of being forced into a state of poor hygiene will he meet an untimely demise? Or will someone get him out in time? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Kathleen Gati is a very entertaining actress and she has been a bright spot on GH this summer. However, the story of Liesl kidnapping Peter has been a bit confusing for me. It’s not clear why she did this. If she was planning on killing him, why did she wait months to do so? Or why even treat him with antibiotics when he became ill? Even though Dr. O is a wildly over the top personality, it’s still important to see what pushes her to extremes. I get that she feels responsible for Nathan’s death because her secrets were what essentially set into motion the series of unfortunate events that lead to Faison killing him. That topic should have come to the forefront a lot sooner in my opinion, making Peter’s kidnapping more of a manifestation of a mother’s regrets.

I enjoyed Nina’s role in the story but feel GH should have been much more soapy in relation to Peter and her. While I feel like Valentin is going to do whatever he can to keep Nina out of jail, it would have made things more interesting if Peter were the one to save her after developing his own feelings for the gorgeous redhead. He could tell the police that Nina was trying to rescue him and not involved in Liesl’s evil plot. Then Nina would be left with how to handle the situation. Should she allow him to cover for her knowing she doesn’t return his feelings? Should she lead him on in order to ensure her continued freedom? Should she give him a list and ask him to do her bidding? Peter could also use the tricky situation as payback against the man who gave him to Faison and sentenced him to a life of misery. Nina and Charlotte are most important to Valentin after all. Adding to the drama would be the fact that Anna and Nina don’t get along. Peter’s mother would certainly not approve of his admiration of Nina. Instead the fallout will more than likely be focused on whether Nina and Valentin can find their way back to each other after the mistakes they’ve made while Peter and Maxie deal with their growing feelings for one another. Still plenty of conflict if not exactly what I wanted.

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  • With everything coming to light, Nina finds herself in need of Alexis’ advice.
  • Finn has cause for concern for someone.
  • Drew receives an unexpected gift.
  • Kim assists Julian.
  • Josslyn grows frustrated.
  • Nelle looks to Chase to help her carry out her plan.
  • Drew bumps into Margaux again.
  • Nina ponders what is behind her sudden stroke of luck.
  • Valentin falls short.
  • Kiki suffers a setback.
  • Sonny exercises caution.
  • Josslyn confides in Nelle how she is feeling.
  • Alexis summons a meeting.
  • Sam inquires about Carly.
  • Oscar feels he’s being dismissed.
  • Carly can’t make heads or tails of the situation.
  • Sonny has a confrontation with Kevin.
  • Ava offers her congratulations to Michael.
  • Alexis has good news.
  • Julian catches a break.
  • Sonny tries to understand how things got so out of hand.
  • Michael hears more than enough.
  • Jason forces his hand.
  • Maxie and Nina have a heartfelt conversation.
  • Finn defends Anna’s choices.

Up Next:

  • Kim urges Julian to live in the moment.
  • Sam and Curtis pay a visit to Ferncliff.
  • Margaux stumbles upon an interesting piece of information.

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