Next Week On General Hospital: July 29, 2019

Kiki and Ava did not have the typical mother/daughter relationship. They fought and hurt each other a lot but they still loved each other. Ava continues to be in deep mourning for her daughter, carrying around the guilt she feels over how factured things were left between them. Will Ava even get the closure she desires? She’ll take an unusual approach to find solace. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Nelle makes a veiled statement.
  • Willow has a change of heart.
  • Michael is honest with Sasha.
  • Drew receives a mysterious package.
  • Ava faces her demons.


  • Shiloh is too comfortable for Jason’s liking.
  • Kim makes a suggestion.
  • Nina welcomes guests to Windemere.
  • Ava gets disappointing news.
  • Lulu takes a day or some self-care.


  • Drew suffers a setback.
  • Jax is focused on the task at hand.
  • Michael and Sasha are on island time.
  • Sonny meets Neil for dinner.
  • Alexis receives encouragement from an old friend.


  • Hayden makes a fool of herself.
  • Nina catches on to Valentin’s plan.
  • Laura checks in on Lulu.
  • Peter has dinner with Maxie.
  • Alexis and Neil are put in a precarious situation.


  • Drew catches up with Curtis.
  • Sam meets with Willow.
  • Jason refuses to see Liz’s side.
  • Franco makes strides with Cameron.
  • Kim comes clean.

Up Next:

  • Neil and Alexis grow closer.
  • Laura wants to form her own opinion.
  • Lucy knows more than she thinks.
  • Lulu wants things to return to normal.

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