Next Week On General Hospital: July 8, 2019

The day has finally arrived for Mr. and Mrs. Webber Baldwin to celebration their union. The bride and groom will commemorate surrounded by their family and friends. Kim and Drew look forward to a happy occasion to lift their spirits. Cameron, Jake and Aiden provide some surprise entertainment. Meanwhile, a drunken Liesl ends up in the water as a surprise guest arrives. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set you DVRs!

Franco and Elizabeth’s jailhouse nuptials in February was the worst soap opera wedding ever and fans who had been patiently waiting for the much-anticipated event were insulted. In particular, fans of Rebecca Herbst felt she had yet again been devalued when she has more than earned leading lady treatment. Luckily, GH will be righting a wrong next week with a pretty reception.

Head Writer Shelly Altman stated months ago that the party was coming but the wedding was such a downer that fans weren’t sure what to expect. I’m very happy to see that GH has put together a fun, romantic event for the popular pairing. There will be plenty of heartfelt moments amongst the drama – the happy couple will share a dance, the kids will be cute, guests will get a little messy, and a surprise person from the past will show up.

For someone who doesn’t quite understand the genre, a wedding may not seem as important as for example a cult story. But weddings are a classic soap staple for many reasons. They’re payoff for fans after watching a couple fall in love and overcome obstacles together. They also provide a good foundation to cultivate a lot of drama – secrets come out, thought-to-be-dead spouses pop up, identities are revealed, Scott Baldwin catches the bouquet, limited edition Barbie dolls are stabbed, people are united and some people are torn apart. Soap opera has been trendy in primetime and online for awhile now. The OGs should be doing what they do best!

For a sneak peak of the wedding party, check out General Hospital’ s Elizabeth And Franco’s Wedding Album.


  • Kim looks forward celebrating her friends’ happiness.
  • Bobbie creates a bit of a stir.
  • Obrecht makes a strange confession to Franco.
  • Curtis checks in with Valentin.
  • Stella wonders about her family.


  • Jax is pleasantly surprised.
  • Drew offers forgiveness.
  • Ava is distraught by what’s she’s told.
  • Nina grows concerned.
  • Scott stays by Bobbie’s side.


  • Sasha makes a decision.
  • Kim is very apologetic.
  • Alexis lends Olivia a hand.
  • Shiloh is an unwelcome guest.
  • Sam goes to Mac with renewed hope.


  • The reading of Oscar’s will takes an unexpected turn.
  • Willow takes the first step towards healing.
  • Sam feels a sense of relief.
  • Lucas gets Liz caught up to speed.
  • Obrecht regrets her actions.


  • Sam consoles a shaken Lucas.
  • Laura urges Lulu to go after Dante.
  • Maxie is intent on confronting Dante.
  • Valentin bristles as Jax and Nina’s working relationship warms.
  • Curtis gains a positive new perspective.

Up Next:

  • Julian wonders if his efforts are enough.
  • Curtis checks in with Drew.
  • Sam has a surprise for Jason.
  • Shiloh grows desperate.

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