Next Week On General Hospital: July 9, 2018

After several weeks of being tied to a bed in a cabin, is there finally an end to Peter’s captivity in sight? Let’s hope so. Look for Wyatt’s discovery to become known to a few Port Charles residents. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Seeing the recon son of Faison and Anna tethered to a bed crying for weeks on end was not the kind of bedroom scenes I’d hoped to be watching this summer. I’m really not sure what this particular story was supposed to accomplish other than filling up valuable screentime. The rescue of Peter seems like it will actually provide some fun considering some of the entertainers involved. I’m looking forward to seeing Patrick Giddens (Wyatt) in scenes again with his former One Life to Live co-stars. He’s a charming young actor. I’m curious to see what this odd kidnapping will mean for Liesl and Nina’s futures.

  • Nina has perfect timing.
  • Peter makes a promise.
  • Franco’s curiosity is piqued.
  • Sonny plays it cool.
  • Finn offers a truce.
  • Michael apologizes for his actions.
  • Nelle is left shaken.
  • Carly finds a confidant in Kevin.
  • Sam stumbles upon some important intel.
  • Finn’s suspicions escalate.
  • Nina berates Valentin.
  • Obrecht’s distracted behavior could be her downfall.
  • Nelle is hit with a setback.
  • Ned reaches out to Drew.
  • Lulu agrees to back off.
  • Valentin finds Nina’s story suspect.
  • Sonny prepares Mike.
  • Jordan looks to Stella for guidance.
  • Michael enlists Alexis’ help with his scheme.
  • Nelle doesn’t like what she hears.
  • Carly demands to see Kevin.
  • Something about Oscar reminds Ava’s of someone.
  • Chase makes a plea.
  • Jason has a private conversation with Drew.
  • Ned addresses the elephant in the room.

Up Next:

  • Maxie senses something is wrong.
  • Julian pays Sonny a surprise visit.
  • Obrecht encounters an obstacle.

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