Next Week On General Hospital: June 11, 2018

Nina and Liesl have Henrik all tied up but just how long will they be able to keep him? Will Liesl get her revenge or will there be a change of heart? Henrik could get the upper hand if he plays his cards right. “Sessions with Kevin” continue for Alexis. Will they be able to get down to the root cause of her obsession with bad boys? Another encounter with her brother Valentin could provide answers. Kiki faces off against against Bensch in an uneasy battle. Jason and Sam decide to grab a cup of coffee. Will the caffeine clear their heads…and their hearts? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

  • Michael stays by Nelle’s side.
  • Anna lets her guard down with Finn.
  • Nina is unnerved.
  • Peter sees a possible escape.
  • Chase shows compassion.
  • Nelle is in for a shock.
  • Kim makes preparations for a big night.
  • Jason and Sam meet for coffee. Is the coffee hot or cold?
  • Nina cuts her visit short.
  • Julian has a lot to prove.
  • Jason looks for a way to rescue Carly.
  • Nina is rattled.
  • Kiki faces her fears regarding her work situation.
  • Alexis has some important questions for Valentin.
  • Franco is full of surprises.
  • Valentin refuses to accept his fate.
  • Carly doesn’t trust her instincts.
  • Kiki is startled.
  • Alexis has another session with Kevin.
  • Elizabeth gets a shock.
  • Mike pours his heart out to Sonny.
  • Kevin offers reassurance.
  • Nina has sympathy.
  • Oscar is touched by Drew’s confession.
  • Finn is comforting.

Up Next:

  • Peter continues to plead his case.
  • Franco catches up with Kevin.
  • Sam and Curtis hit a dead-end.
  • Valentin’s romantic gesture backfires.

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