Next Week On General Hospital: June 17, 2019

Curtis may have succeeded in his plan to get Ryan’s kidney, thus saving his wife’s life, but the newlyweds troubles are far from over. They weren’t anticipating the mounting hospital bills for Jordan’s operation and treatment. Will the debt put a strain on their marriage? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I’m a fan of Curtis’ portrayer Donnell Turner. I think he has the charm and charisma that is much too often missing from today’s leading men. He deserves a strong onscreen pairing. Unfortunately, the work put into developing Curtis and Jordan as a couple has been lazy and unfocused. The latest obstacle handed to them is another example of the confused writing when it comes to this duo.

Curtis and Jordan have been portrayed as a power couple, both with successful careers. Always stylish while incharge, Jordan has one of the best wardrobes on the show. Curtis’ private investigating skills are steadily called upon by the citizens of Port Charles. They had a lavish wedding in November. They are an upper-middle class. Now we’re being told that the police commissioner doesn’t have good insurance and they can’t pay her hospital bills.

GH has been on a kick lately with the social issue story lines and healthcare is a hot topic for Americans. I’m not a fan of the increasing amount of depressing stories but they should at least make sense for the characters involved. Time will tell how major Jordan and Curtis’ financial woes will become or if it is just a plot point to push a character’s actions in a new direction. Either way, due to the implausibility of the situation, I’m already not a fan of the story.


  • Peter looks to Mac for assistance.
  • Laura is more than happy to share her point of view.
  • Jax gets an offer he can refuse.
  • Julian is propositioned.
  • Nina visits Curtis at the hospital.


  • Josslyn has an unsettling feeling.
  • Robert is upset.
  • Maxie gets a lead on Dante’s whereabouts.
  • Lulu misreads a situation.
  • Kim makes a desperate plea.


  • Michael drops by Sonny’s for a visit.
  • Jason has some important news.
  • Willow makes a shocking confession.
  • Lulu receives a call from the PCPD.
  • Kevin gets good news.


  • Carly questions Jason’s plans.
  • Someone from Sonny’s past catches up with him.
  • Alexis explains herself to Diane.
  • Kevin dishes out some advice.
  • Liz offers Kim her condolences.


  • Josslyn is suspicious.
  • Shiloh rubs Alexis the wrong way.
  • Valentine convinces Curtis to help him.
  • Jax is put on notice.

Up Next:

  • Jax offers Josslyn a change of pace.
  • Chase makes an unlikely arrest.
  • Alexis is furious with Julian.
  • Sam steps in to help Lucas.

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