Next Week On General Hospital: June 18, 2018

With the help of her support system of friends and family, Kiki has taken steps to get justice but Bensch has a few tricks up his sleeve. Kiki’s regretful one night stand with Griffin might not stay as secret as she had hoped thanks to that discriminating picture. Look for Kiki’s fight to take some disappointing turns. Watch General Hospital daily and remember to set your DVR!

It’s unclear if Bensch knows that Kiki and Griffin actually slept together but, regardless of what he does or doesn’t know, he’s going to do his best to cast suspicion that Kiki did have an inappropriate relationship with the doctor. Not only is Griffin dating her mother, he’s Kiki’s superior at work. Griffin and Kiki’s night of alcohol fueled passion will come back to bite them both.

There’s seems to be mixed feelings about Kiki and Griffin’s one night stand from fans. There  is certainly a soapy factor to the story and many, including myself, are looking forward to seeing Ava’s reaction when she learns the truth. Both Kiki & Griffin are two of the most important people in Ava’s life right now but they are also the ones who are the most judgmental of her. Kiki has continued to rub what happened with Morgan in her mother’s face. She’s still claiming her moral superiority but she’s not any better. Meanwhile, Griffin judges Ava for her crimes and lack of honesty. Now he’s performed an unauthorized DNA test which could cost him his job and he’s hiding the fact that he slept with Kiki. Needless to say, a lot of people are looking forward to Ava lashing out at these hypocrites. You don’t mess with the Queen.

I feel these stories would have been better if done separately. I think that with the #MeToo movement that it’s important to have the audience on Kiki’s side and for her to be the hero. Her sleeping with her mom’s boyfriend kind of takes away from that. Since Griffin and Kiki have hugged at the hospital and hung out together, Bensch could have suggested something was going on without anything actually happening between the two. If GH really wanted to go there with Griffin and Kiki (Chiki forever though), they could have done it after this story wrapped up.

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  • Sonny and Mike are interrupted.
  • Obrecht does her best covers her tracks.
  • Peter continues to plead his case in hopes that he’ll be granted freedom.
  • Nina bumps into Drew.
  • Amy offers some perspective.
  • Carly plays nice at Ferncliff.
  • Nelle reflects on her checkered past.
  • Franco catches up with Kevin.
  • Liz wants to keep things simple.
  • Sam admires Alexis.
  • Dante lets Chase have it.
  • Michael has a confrontation with Chase.
  • Josslyn leans on Nelle.
  • Kiki stresses all her efforts will be for naught.
  • Oscar is discouraged.
  • Sonny is relieved by an outcome.
  • Anna refuses to place blame.
  • Nina demands answers.
  • Kiki is in for a disappointment.
  • Julian listens to Alexis’s concerns.
  • Sonny is confused.
  • Sam and Curtis hit a dead-end in their investigation.
  • Valentin’s romantic gesture doesn’t have the result he was hoping for.
  • Alexis unloads on Julian.
  • Carly fears nothing will ever be the same again.

Up Next:

  • Valentin continues his efforts.
  • Scott gets an offer he can’t refuse.
  • Jason and Spinelli catch a break.
  • Lucy worries about Kevin.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: June 18, 2018

  1. penny g

    June 19, 2018 at 5:27pm

    Ugh, talk about missing the point. Kiki’s personal life, including her sex life, or whether she’s deemed a “likable” person or not, should have no bearing on the harasser’s culpability. Sexual harassment is sexual harassment and a woman’s personal life should be just that, personal.

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    • Author

      Jenn Bishop

      June 20, 2018 at 10:02pm

      I agree. It shouldn’t have any bearing at all. I just really don’t like how the affair between Kiki & Griffin was handled in this case. I feel like work was done to develop Kiki into a generally nice person and her relationship was solid again with her mother. To take that away was unnecessary. I’m actually more annoyed with Griffin in this case honestly. He’s her boss and her mother’s boyfriend and allegedly a moral person. The out of character writing for both seems like a forced layer that didn’t need to be added to a promising story line. Thank you for commenting! I appreciate it!

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