Next Week On General Hospital: June 21, 2021

Friday’s cliffhanger left us with Chase flatlining while his mother and new wife sat bedside. Meanwhile, Finn and Liz had just figured out the antidote that could save him. Are they too late? Willow married Chase knowing that he was dying. How long will she keep up the ruse that Chase isn’t the one her heart belongs to if he lives? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Speaking of hospital happenings, it probably won’t be too long before Dr. Austin ends up at General Hospital. Not much has been revealed about Austin yet. We know he’s not a fan of city folk, a bit of a hippy, and has a good business sense when it comes to real estate. In Soap Opera Digest, GH’s head writers teased that Austin will have a connection to a core family and the rumor with the most legs is that he’s the son of Jimmy Lee Holt a.k.a. Eric Quartermaine. There have been some big hints to support this theory. Austin resides in Pautauk where JImmy Lee’s wife Charity ran a country store. Jimmy Lee also dabbled in the real estate business but much less successfully.

While the connection to Jimmy Lee Holt is certainly present, I wonder if there is a possible twist coming that could turn things even more upside down for the already dysfunctional Quartermaine family. Charity and Alan shared a kiss before Jimmy Lee and her got married out of the blue. Could it be possible that the quicky wedding was to hide the fact that Charity was pregnant with a married man’s baby?  Maybe Austin’s real father is Alan making him Jason and Drew’s brother.

The network’s decision to kill off Franco is one that fans are still trying to wrap their heads around. Howarth’s new role will take some getting used to for both the audience and the actor but there is potential for some good stories to be told. GH had attempted a few times to make Jason and Franco twin brothers – in 2012 when James Franco was still in the role (Franco’s parents were later changed to Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber in 2013 when Howarth took over the part) and again in 2017 when Steve Burton returned to the role of Jason (it was rewritten that Drew was Jason’s twin and Franco’s adoptive brother instead before the story fully played out).

Franco and Jason as brothers may have been a little too polarizing for fans. However, Austin doesn’t have the same history with Jason that Franco had. The new character – along with Drew’s rumored return – gives the writers the opportunity to beef up the beloved Quartermaine family. Three rich and handsome yet very different brothers, their conflicts, and their romances could provide Bridgerton-style escapism for the target female audience.


  • Finn and Liz race to save Chase.
  • Things gets further complicated for Willow and Michael.
  • Maxie is desperate to see her baby.
  • Dante updates Maxie and Sam on his findings from Pautauck.
  • Cam asks Joss if she can ever forgive him.


  • Jordan shares Dante’s discoveries with Anna.
  • Brook Lynn is stunned to find Maxie at the Quartermaine mansion.
  • Curtis gets ready for Trina’s graduation party.
  • Taggert takes Portia to dinner.
  • Ava makes a life-changing decision.


  • Britt runs into Jason at the Gym.
  • Brook Lynn encourages Michael to tell the truth.
  • Alexis and Shawn make a startling discovery.
  • Carly and Liz bond over their losses.
  • Molly and TJ celebrate their five-month anniversary.


  • Carly and Jason navigate the boundaries are in their relationship.
  • Nina runs into Michael at the cemetery.
  • Portia is anxious to learn the details about GH’s new board Chairperson.
  • Terry hopes to have an influence in GH’s future.
  • Molly and TJ unknowingly end up in the crosshairs of their parents’ enemy.


  • Brick helps Jason.
  • Ava catches up with Nina.
  • Lucy is caught off-guard.
  • Gladys tries to push Sasha’s buttons.
  • Austin tries to help Anna and Valentin.

Up Next:

  • Joss has an awkward encounter with Michael.
  • Scott advises Finn to do what is best for his family.
  • Portia is surprised to see Curtis at Cameron’s party.
  • Ava meets with Dante at her gallery.

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