Next Week On General Hospital: June 24, 2019

Things are about to get more complicated for Carly and Sonny’s family. Bobbie suffers a spell. What is going on with the beloved mother? Look for the newest member of the Corithos household to have his sights set on Joss. Meanwhile, Michael taps into his heroic side when he comes to Jason’s rescue. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Lucas confides in Bobbie.
  • Jax offers Josslyn a change of pace.
  • Diane bides her time.
  • Ava remains uneasy.
  • Franco gets bad news.


  • Bobbie faints.
  • Chase makes an unlikely arrest.
  • Sonny enlists help to keep an eye on Josslyn.
  • Kim gets mixed signals.
  • Cameron feels guilty.


  • Lucas confirms his suspicions.
  • Julian vows to protect his family.
  • Curtis and Sam catch up.
  • Alexis gets a call.
  • Drew is surprised.


  • Ephiphany is supportive.
  • Michael comes to Jason’s rescue.
  • Alexis is furious with Julian.
  • Sam steps in to help Lucas.
  • Kim makes a fateful decision.


  • Michael visits Willow.
  • Shiloh is summoned to Kim’s apartment.
  • Brad is determined to keep his family safe.
  • Valentin is dismayed.
  • Drew attempts to play peacemaker.

Up Next:

  • Jason and Sam reconnect.
  • Franco urges Scott to try the dating scene.
  • Kristina learns more about Willow’s predicament.
  • Sonny waits on a call from Brick.

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