Next Week On General Hospital: June 28, 2021

With Sonny “dead”, Carly and Jason are struggling to maintain control of the Port Charles criminal scene. Will their latest plan cement their place at the top? Will the cost be worth it? Meanwhile, Sonny is becoming more and more smitten with the new blond in his life. Look for Nina to feel conflicted about her revenge as her feelings grow for “Mike”. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

GH’s decision to demolish its super couples and popular pairings all at once has had some mixed results. While one can argue that it was a bold move and that many of the sudser’s romances were in need of a rest, to cut all at once and bombard the audience with new pairings that may or may not catch on is a lot. The only potential pairing that currently seems unforced is Valentin and Anna.

The romance between these two spies has been simmering for awhile. Valentin’s soft spot for Anna was firmly established shortly after his introduction to GH, being played both constantly and consistently. The characters relate to one another in a natural way given their history and their shared things in common. A triangle between Valentin, Anna and Finn would be the seamless next path for all three after the reveal of Peter’s evil ways halted wedding plans. Finn is hurt not only by what Anna’s secrets almost cost him but most importantly by the fact that she confided in Valentin rather than him. Despite the betrayal, Finn still loves Anna. He’s still giving her heart-eyes and holding her hand – right in front Liz.

I can’t help but feel that if the network hadn’t made the hasty choice to kill off Liz’s husband that the two stories we would be watching right now would be Anna torn between the two men in her life and Liz dealing with her own family’s latest wave of trials and tribulations. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I’m not feeling Finn and Liz as anything more than colleagues and friends. This story has the same clunky plotting as the non-affair story Liz had with Franco, Ava and Nik a year ago. Her purpose in that story was to play a supporting role to the Cassadine’s new romance. Her role in this current storyline is to play a supporting role in the Chase family’s drama.

Liz vocalizing her heartache for the moments she’ll never get to have with her husband was very much needed. I appreciated that Liz’s pain was finally acknowledged. But that point of view is almost completely absent in her supporting role for the Chase family – so much so that it has left viewers rather confused as to what really is going on between Liz and Finn. Is she developing some feelings for the doctor but just not ready to act on those feelings like my “FinnLizzie”-loving pal Darcey says? If so, Finn supporting the Webber-Baldwin family would have been a much better foundation for the couple than focusing on the poorly-received Chase family drama.

My friend Jaclyn has another theory. She doesn’t see Liz’s interaction with Finn as a growing attraction. She feelings that, while Liz is happy that she was able to help Finn save his family, she’s overcome with sadness that she was not able to save her own. Her husband didn’t get a last minute save like Chase did; he died in her arms. Liz’s reaction to Finn caressing her face may be discomfort after Finn misinterpreted her support as something more.

Regardless of how anyone interprets this story, I think we can all agree that the writing needs clarity and a few characters need some room to breath.


  • Brick helps Jason.
  • Ava catches up with Nina.
  • Lucy is caught off-guard.
  • Gladys tries to push Sasha’s buttons.
  • Austin tries to help Anna and Valentin.


  • Carly is contemplative.
  • Anna is stranded with Valentin.
  • Finn rethinks his decision.
  • Obrecht and Britt have a heart-to-heart.
  • Joss has an awkward encounter with Michael.


  • Carly turns to Diane for advice.
  • Jason struggles with a big decision.
  • Ava runs into Austin at the Metro Court bar.
  • Scott advises Finn to do what is best for his family.
  • Anna makes a curious discovery.


  • Carly hosts a family get-together.
  • Portia is surprised to see Curtis at Cameron’s party.
  • Nikolas confides in Kevin.
  • Ava receives upsetting news.
  • Nina is conflicted about her future.


  • Britt reaches out to Brad for support.
  • Michael makes sense of a confusing situation.
  • Laura worries about Nikolas.
  • Cameron confronts Josslyn.
  • Nina rebuffs Jax.

Up Next:

  • Ava meets with Dante at her gallery.
  • Liz and Sam find themselves in a bit of trouble.
  • Alexis struggles in solitary confinement.
  • Jason finds Monica to be surprisingly understanding of his situation.

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