Next Week On General Hospital: June 8, 2020

Starting Monday, May 25 through June 12, ABC will be airing select episodes of General Hospital’s wildly popular Nurses Ball. Without question, the Nurses Ball remains fictional Port Charles’ most glamorous charity event. Dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness and research, the Nurses Ball features exquisite red carpet fashion, original music, awe-inspiring musical and dance performances, and plenty of intrigue, excitement and drama. Relive the magic, music and mayhem as ABC reaches into the vault to showcase some of General Hospital’s greatest hits from the Nurse’s Ball.

Monday (5/18/18)
Finn is apologetic.Ava tries to entice Griffin. Josslyn connects with Oscar. Valentin pleads with Nina. Peter’s plans are delayed.

Tuesday (5/21/18)
Valentin walks a fine line. Lucy is apologetic. Anna grows anxious. Peter stays by Maxie’s side. Kiki is misunderstood.

Wednesday (5/20/19)
Jason receives a frantic phone call. Peter shares Molly’s idea with Maxie. Bobbie is supportive. Sonny smooths things over with Mike. Anna is bewildered.

Anna is perplexed. Kristina confronts Sam. Josslyn gets a sweet note. Sonny is supportive. Ava struggles.

Friday (5/22/19)
Ava ducks out. Willow does her best. Lucas connects the dots. Sam leaves with Shiloh. Josslyn puts her best foot forward.

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