Next Week On General Hospital: March 1, 2021

The double wedding is about to begin and things are already not going as planned for the brides and grooms. Maxie is having second thoughts about her choice to tie the knot with Peter. The big question is whether she’ll even admit that she has made an error in judgement. Meanwhile, Peter is doing everything he can to make sure nobody stands in his way of taking over Nathan’s family. Will he expose his evil-doing? It’s finally hit Anna that Peter isn’t the innocent he claimed to be and it’s up to her to stop him. Will she use her nuptials to capture the killer? Finn is spending the moments before his wedding with Jackie. The revelation of Chase’s true parentage will add more to the already chaotic day! Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set you DVRs!

I have some mixed feelings about GH’s promoted double wedding event. Words can’t express how happy I am to be nearing the end of some truly ill-conceived storytelling. While there is a lot of excitement planned for the wedding, it doesn’t quite make up for the fact that the dragged out plots where so detrimental to the series. Viewers know that not every story is going to be a hit and we’re, for the most part, pretty tolerant of this fact because we know we just need to wait things out. But we were made to wait years. If this double wedding had happened a year after Nathan’s death, the story might have actually even been fun. Poor pacing can be a real buzzkill.


  • Anna and Valentin have a plan.
  • Dante pays Peter a visit.
  • Maxie receives a surprising message.
  • Jackie and Gregory come to a realization.
  • Franco’s tumor continues to complicate things.


  • Dante thwarts Valentin’s plan.
  • Peter is undeterred.
  • Maxie is anxious to begin her new life with Peter.
  • Jordan begins her investigation.
  • Lucy is interrupted.


  • Finn gets support from Chase.
  • Nina vents to Ava about Carly.
  • Peter confronts Anna.
  • Michael offers an olive branch.
  • Lucy is surprised.


  • Valentin tells Peter he cares about him.
  • Anna is apologetic.
  • Jackie is insightful.
  • Nina’s boss laments that he can’t get through to her.
  • Franco makes a discovery.


  • Mac intervenes.
  • Anna admits her mistakes to Robert.
  • Dante wonders what Sam will do next.
  • Franco gains new insights.
  • Carly finds Nina’s behavior intrusive.

Up Next:

  • Maxie does what’s best for herself.
  • Jordan meets with Liz.
  • Joss and Trina help Cameron uncover the truth.
  • Anna places a call to Frisco.

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