Next Week On General Hospital: March 11, 2019

Next week, the fallout from Ryan Chamberlain’s killing spree and deception takes center stage. Ava finally found a lover who was on her side only to learn that he’s the one who murdered her daughter. The femme fatale isn’t going to take this news well. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Ryan’s final showdown isn’t quite how I would have wanted. I would have loved to have Felicia and Mac involved. After Felicia realized that “Kevin” was really Ryan, there was no follow up. I understand why they weren’t a major part of the overall story arc as the actors aren’t on contract but they could have still been the heroes. Felicia could have been the blond in the trunk and Mac could have been the man with the gun drawn on the bridge. I think long time GH viewers would have really enjoyed that.


  • Ava and Ryan take the big leap.
  • Jason is determined to save the day.
  • Liz has enormous issues to overcome.
  • Franco is crushed.
  • TJ offers his assistance.


  • Joss takes the blame.
  • Sonny’s good deed pays off.
  • Sasha issues Valentin a warning.
  • Obrecht denies any wrongdoing.
  • Brad crosses paths with Willow.


  • Jason and Drew put the pieces together.
  • Ava is an emotional mess.
  • Franco tries to calm Ava.
  • Cameron apologizes to his mother.
  • Laura tries to understand what happened.


  • Ava is looking for a fight.
  • Alexis offers her services.
  • Kim rejects Shiloh’s help.
  • Molly has her concerns.


  • Michael finds himself in the middle of an argument.
  • Jason reassures Molly that everything will work out okay.
  • Alexis needs more time to process.
  • Valentin refuses to share.
  • Anna receives a surprise visitor.

Up Next:

  • Sonny is willing to die for those he loves.
  • Ava goes in search of tough love.
  • Felicia has a hard time forgetting the past.
  • Jordan and Margaux meet.

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