Next Week On General Hospital: March 15, 2021

The residence of Port Charles continue to deal with the events that were set into motion the previous week. Peter will continue to claim innocent and put the responsibility of his actions on others. Look for Maxie to make some important choices about the future of her family. Meanwhile, Liz struggles with the loss of her husband. While others provide support, not everyone will be sympathetic. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!



  • Peter denies any wrong-doing.
  • Sam looks to help Maxie.
  • Alexis reflects on a lost love.
  • Valentin meets with Michael to discuss the future of ELQ.
  • Jackie apologizes to Gregory.


  • Alexis makes a hard decision.
  • Kristina lashes out.
  • Maxie is determined to do what’s best for her child.
  • Michael gets an unexpected surprise.
  • Sasha pays Brando a visit.


  • Liz is somber.
  • Nina is apologetic.
  • Laura has her doubts.
  • Curtis congratulates TJ.
  • Dante meets Sam at Kelly’s.


  • Carly is defiant.
  • Brando questions Gladys.
  • Jax tries to reconnect with Nina.
  • Britt refuses Valentin’s help.
  • Olivia offers a little advice of her own.


  • Sam intervenes.
  • Elizabeth and Carly have words.
  • Valentin is in shock.
  • Peter makes an unlikely ally.
  • Phyllis is stunned by a surprise visitor.

Up Next:

  • Olivia rushes to the hospital.
  • Laura is surprised by Cameron’s determination.
  • Brook Lynn and Lucas rally around Maxie.
  • Anna helps get to the bottom of what happened to Dante.

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