Next Week On General Hospital: March 2, 2020

Cameron and Trina’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue did not go as planned for the good guys or the bad guys. Look for the affected families to reunite at General Hospital. The teens managed to survive the traumatic event but at what cost? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I enjoyed GH for the most part last week. It helps when characters I care about are played. I’m really starting to become a big fan of Cameron and Trina’s friendship. On top of being adorable, they have a lot in common and are good at bringing out the best in one another. Poor Cameron has already been through a kidnapping which resulted in his father making the ultimate sacrifice to save him. Essentially, the same thing has now happened to Trina. I feel like these tragic events will bond them.

Things got interesting for the parents involved as well. The reason Jason told Liz not to involve the cops was because he realized Cyrus the Canadian Godfather’s involvement. He thought this situation was between Sonny and Cyrus. Liz did do the right thing anyways by calling the cops but unbeknownst to them the cops were already on the scene. Franco and Liz did take note of Jordan’s suspicious behavior when reporting the incident. Jason will no doubt have some questions as to why Curtis and Taggert were on the scene. The cat may be out the bag for Jordan and Taggert regarding their involvement with Cyrus.


  • The casualties from shootout are admitted to General Hospital.
  • Laura is pushed to take action after her grandson’s kidnapping.
  • Sonny demands answers.
  • Brando is advised to steer clear.
  • Willow and Sasha discuss the Wiley situation.


  • Brook Lynn is apprehensive.
  • With the new addition to the family, Michael looks to Ned for support.
  • Alexis offers legal advice.
  • Julian isn’t fooled.
  • Peter struggles with his charade.


  • Jason confronts Curtis about his connection to the mob war.
  • Willow has a hard time facing reality.
  • Chase looks to Michael for advice.
  • Nelle begins her defense.
  • Brook Lynn is outraged.
  • Olivia presents a reminder of what could be.


  • Ava pays Elizabeth a visit.
  • Jordan is furious.
  • Spinelli presses Obrecht for the truth.
  • Peter reaches out to Anna.
  • Carly goes off on Nelle.


  • Alexis runs into Nelle.
  • Anna corners Obrecht.
  • Finn bonds with Violet.
  • Nina returns from her work trip.
  • Molly confides in Jordan regarding her feelings for TJ.

Up Next:

  • Jason finds refuge at the Quartermaines.
  • Mac hosts a gathering.
  • Molly presses Jordan for information.
  • Brook Lynn confronts Julian.

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