Next Week On General Hospital: March 23, 2020

Jordan’s past has caught up with her and TJ is paying the price. She’s hidden her son’s kidnapping from family and friends but her secretive behavior will not go unnoticed. Will anyone be able to get her to confess her situation? It might be a good idea for her to have some people on her side if she ever wants to see TJ again. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Sonny gets terrible news.
  • Jordan misleads Sam.
  • Curtis is taken aback.
  • Britt tears into Nikolas.
  • Finn is reassuring.


  • Curtis confronts Jordan.
  • Brook Lynn retaliates.
  • Willow is speculative.
  • Maxie is greeted with open arms.
  • Nelle is back to her manipulative ways.


  • Jason tries to reason with Jordan.
  • Spinelli gets to work to help Sam.
  • Molly grows concerned.
  • Carly confronts Nina.
  • Monica gives Michael advice.


  • Sasha is stunned.
  • Spinelli finds himself in a precarious position.
  • Sonny gets an urgent call.
  • Jason pays Willow a visit.
  • Alexis is furious with Sam.


  • Sonny receives a call about Mike.
  • Carly confronts Nelle.
  • Anna runs into Britt.
  • Alexis turns to an unlikely ally.
  • Nikolas surprises Ava.

Up Next:

  • Curtis wants to know more about Taggert.
  • Carly sees Brando’s softer side.
  • Jason gives Sam a stern warning.
  • Nikolas ponders the repercussions of his marriage.

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