Next Week On General Hospital: March 25, 2019

Port Charles is beginning to see Shiloh’s true colors. His intentions are not as innocent as he had claimed especially with the women under his thrall. As Kristina’s family works to ensure her safety, Willow makes a confession about her connection to Shiloh. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and remember to set your DVRs!

I find the cult story a bit on the boring side. It feels like we’ve had months of a lot of the same conversation. Coby Ryan McLaughlin is a great actor and very likeable which helps but I’m not a Shiloh fan. His backstory has a lot going on. He was the son of one of the wealthy, older gentleman that Sam married and conned, is an old navy pal of Drew’s and is now a very important part of Willow’s past. It’s not clear what the purpose is to all of the history given to Shiloh. For example, Hank and Drew’s past hasn’t been played since it was revealed so why was it written to begin with?

Surprisingly adding Willow to the story has made it more interesting for me. I like Willow, especially when she shows her feisty side. While it’s obvious that she was once a member of Dawn of Day and that she had a sexual relationship with Shiloh, I still want to know more about what happened to her. I also hope that she does turn out to Nina’s long-lost daughter as fans have theorized. I want to know what Nina’s reaction would be to not only having made a bad impression with Willow but to all that she has been through.


  • Shiloh pushes his limits.
  • Willow makes a confession regarding her past.
  • Alexis makes an important call to Jordan.
  • Michael shares his concerns about Kristina.
  • Sam rushes to get to Kelly’s in the nick of time.


  • Sonny and Alexis discuss their daughter’s predicament.
  • Sam is made to choose a side.
  • Dante is unnerved.
  • Lulu makes a terrifying discovery.
  • Anna receives a letter.


  • Margaux is absolutely giddy.
  • Sonny is faced with discouragement.
  • Liz places a phone call to Willow.
  • Chase receives bad news.
  • Brad desires to be a better man.


  • Valentin has an important visit with Lulu.
  • Anna admits the worst is possible.
  • Liz is reassured.
  • Nina makes her intentions known.
  • Monica welcomes a friend into her home.


  • Obrecht gets a bad feeling.
  • Laura is dumbfounded.
  • Julian implores a spiraling Ava to seek help.
  • Curtis calls in a favor.
  • Cameron is delivered a stern warning.

Up Next:

  • Lucy offers moral support.
  • Scott receives a heartfelt message.
  • Elizabeth asks Bobbie for advice.
  • Finn is ready to take the next step.

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