Next Week On General Hospital: March 29, 2021

Are things really over between Finn and Anna? Look for the doctor to reach out to his former fiance. However, their attentions may still belong to other parties. Meanwhile, Brando has a warning for his mother regarding her new partnership with Cyrus. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • TJ asks Curtis about Jordan.
  • Finn reaches out to Anna.
  • Obrecht is skeptical.
  • Carly brings Jason up to speed on her meeting with Cyrus.
  • Laura’s faith in Martin is shaken.


  • Carly works with Anna.
  • Finn and Diane rally around Alexis.
  • Michael pays Jason a visit.
  • Brando warns Gladys against associating with Cyrus.
  • Laura thanks Curtis.


  • Robert is curious about Anna’s latest plan.
  • Maxie confides in Britt.
  • Carly lays into Gladys.
  • TJ comforts Molly.
  • Curtis is unnerved with what he sees.


  • Carly’s ex wishes she would stay on the sidelines.
  • Maxie and Britt discuss how to handle Peter.
  • Scott confronts Jason.
  • Elizabeth is disappointed.
  • Joss sees a side of Cam she doesn’t like.


  • Liz and Cam clash.
  • Jackie confronts Peter.
  • Chase and Finn have an awkward cross.
  • Carly joins Diane at the courthouse.
  • Nina convinces herself she’s doing the right thing.

Up Next:

  • Ava and Nikolas are put on notice.
  • Sam steps in to help with Alexis’ personal affairs.
  • Anna calms an anxious Valentin.
  • Laura gets a surprise visit from Scott.

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