Next Week On General Hospital: March 30, 2020

Surviving tragedy has brought Cameron and Trina closer. Are they just looking for comfort and understanding or could they be falling for each other? The teens will turn to their respected elders for advice. Cameron confesses to Franco he feels he may have messed up his friendship. Trina, worried that she might come between Joss and Cameron, leans on Ava for motherly advice. Will Cameron and Trina decide to keep each other in the friend zone? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

It’s been awhile since GH has had a good teen scene. I find the lives of Cameron, Trina and Joss incredibly interesting to watch. The only weak link is Dev who should be quickly swapped out for Spencer. I’m eager to find out what Cameron and Trina choose to do next now that they have shared a kiss. If they were to move their relationship in a new direction, how would Joss react? I suspect there will be some misunderstandings along with plenty of angst.

I really enjoy how Franco and Cameron’s father and son relationship has evolved. They both make mistakes but they genuinely care for one another and continue to work together to do what’s best for their family. It would be nice to have Franco continue the Baldwin tradition and adopt Cameron.

I also enjoy Trina and Ava’s bond. I’m curious though where the writers are going with these two. Ava’s love for Trina is based on her grief over Kiki. The young lady’s spirited nature reminds Ava of her daughter. Being able to provide Trina with the support she didn’t always give to Kiki is probably a great comfort. Ava isn’t screaming about penguins or trying to rape her long lost lovers. Her grief is very natural and relatable.

It’s interesting that Trina seems more comfortable confiding in Ava than she does Portia. She has a tendency to see things in a more mature manner than her friends. After the murder of her beloved father though, it is certainly harder to put on a brave face. She might be worried about disappointing her mother. Or perhaps, Portia’s affair with Curtis has something to do with subtle distrust between mother and daughter.


  • Nelle confronts Carly after her latest attempt to control things.
  • Monica has good news to share.
  • Sonny is concerned when Mike appears disoriented.
  • Trina confides in Ava about the moment she shared with Cam.
  • Molly tells Sam she is angry about TJ’s avoidance.


  • Julian has his concerns.
  • Finn senses his friend may be in trouble.
  • Curtis wants to know more about Taggert.
  • Ned gets a surprising update from Brook Lynn.
  • Lulu attempts to make amends.


  • Carly sees Brando’s softer side.
  • Trina is outraged by what she overhears.
  • Nina spends time with Charlotte.
  • Jax isn’t supportive of the decisions being made at Crimson.
  • The rivalry continues as Brook Lynn taunts Lulu.


  • Laura tells Robert that she has a few plans of her own.
  • Jason gives Sam a stern warning.
  • Molly asks Brando for his assistance.
  • Trina tells Ava everything.
  • Sonny feels he has failed Mike.


  • Laura and Robert face Cyrus down.
  • Jason wants to put a little distance between himself and Sam for a while.
  • Jordan struggles with her choices.
  • Ava tells Nina to be cautious.
  • Nikolas ponders the repercussions of his marriage.

Up Next:

  • Sonny has cause to worry about Brando.
  • Nina tries to reason with Nelle.
  • Peter wishes Robert had a distraction.
  • Finn plans an epic birthday party for Violet.

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