Next Week On General Hospital: March 4, 2019

The jig is up for Ryan! Don’t look for the serial killer to go down without trying to take a few with him. Jordan’s plan worked as far as luring the killer out of hiding but at a deadly cost. Both Jordan and Franco’s lives are hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, with the walls closing in, Ryan makes his plans to get out of town with his unsuspecting bride to be. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs.

Jon Lindstrom’s portrayal of evil Ryan Chamberlain has been a delight to watch. That being said, this plot has more holes in it than swiss cheese. You can see when and where rewrites occurred during the many month stretch of story. The last few weeks have provided some much needed excitement despite the inconsistencies. I’m looking forward to seeing the fallout.


  • Ava looks to Julian for advice.
  • In light of recent events, Lucy has questions.
  • Kevin and Laura look for an escape.
  • Curtis retrieves a message from Jordan’s phone.
  • Anna becomes suspicious that all may not be as it seems.


  • Jason is troubled.
  • Laura is hopeful that a way out has been found.
  • Liz waits and hopes for the best.
  • Drew gets an interesting text.
  • Kristina gets the attention she craves.


  • Jason seeks out Julian for help in the search for Ryan.
  • Curtis has heartbreaking news.
  • Kevin asks for help.
  • Kim gets an alarming phone call.
  • Cameron is put on the spot.


  • Ava gets a shock.
  • Jason is desperate to find Carly.
  • Lulu regains her memories of the attack.
  • Kim grows concerned.
  • Sonny receives an ominous message.


  • Kevin has everything mapped out.
  • Jason is too late.
  • Julian puts Alexis through the wringer.
  • Sonny makes a retreat.
  • Sam tells Kristina about her interaction with Daisy.

Up Next:

  • Ava goes head over heels for Ryan.
  • Jason and Drew connect the dots.
  • Kim is not interested in Shiloh’s help.
  • Alexis needs more time.

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