Next Week On General Hospital: March 8, 2021

The truth about Peter is out but with the lack of hard evidence will he actually pay for his crimes? Look for the residents of Port Charles to take justice into their own hands. Meanwhile, Maxie is still holding onto hope that her relationship with Peter wasn’t all a lie. Will those closest to her finally be able to get her to face the hard truth? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The “Double Wedding of Doom” had its ups and downs. I’m very happy that the truth about Peter is finally out. Peter was never much of a charmer so it was hard to watch everyone constantly speak of his virtues. As beloved as Anna is, she does deserve some retribution for her part in covering up the truth. I’m looking forward to seeing how she tries to make amends for her mistakes. Another major highlight was seeing Mac in full protective dad mode. I’m hoping that he can play a big role in the fallout.

Despite the good moments, the wedding overall played rather heartless. Finn and Anna’s breakup scenes were well acted and written but would have be more meaningful if the moments leading up to the walk down the aisle showed a yearning to get married. Perhaps the choice was made to focus on their already separating lives but it gave the pairing a feeling of coldness towards each other that didn’t make sense for two people who are supposed to be in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

The audience never really bought into the romance between Maxie and Peter so the pre-wedding declarations of love felt at best insincere. Outside of the brides and grooms, the only couples in attendance were soon to be divorced Gregory and Jackie, doomed Willow and Chase, and newly separated Jordan and Curtis. It was very odd to watch a soap wedding that was so devoid of any love in the afternoon. I understand that this particular wedding was about exposing secrets and not romance but I hope this can be the last unwedding that GH has for awhile.


  • Maxie questions Britt’s advice.
  • Jason says he can’t ignore the facts.
  • Gregory confronts Jackie.
  • Anna faces Mac.
  • Finn bonds with Violet.


  • Liz is desperate to help.
  • Jason makes a discovery.
  • Alexis asks Val to tell her the truth.
  • Jordan confronts Robert.
  • Maxie does what’s best for herself.


  • Jordan meets with Liz.
  • Joss checks in on Cam.
  • Laura reminds Carly to keep her guard up.
  • Scott is infuriated.
  • Maxie makes a decision.


  • Sam is in disbelief.
  • Anna and Jackie find they have a lot in common.
  • Chase sees something he isn’t meant to.
  • Terry reaches out to Elizabeth.
  • Joss and Trina help Cameron uncover the truth.


  • Willow is apologetic.
  • Jason confides in Michael.
  • Nina and Valentin connect over their regrets.
  • Anna places a call to Frisco.
  • Peter comes to terms with his fate.

Up Next:

  • Peter denies any wrong-doing.
  • Maxie is determined to do what’s best for her child.
  • Dante meets Sam at Kelly’s.
  • Elizabeth and Carly have words.

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