Next Week On General Hospital: May 10, 2021

Cameron pays Joss a visit in an attempt to mend things after their disagreement regarding Jason. Look for mob violence to become a hot topic between their parents. Will choices be made to protect the teens? Later, Trina opens up to Cameron regarding her personal experiences with racism. Alexis lends her legal expertise to help her former lover Shawn who has been unfairly convicted, receiving a harsher sentence than the white criminals in Port Charles. Will Shawn have the opportunity to get justice? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I’m pleasantly surprised that GH is tackling the issue of racism but a bit weary of how the show might handle the topic. Sean Blakemore is a great actor and having him back on GH is a big positive for the show. Alexis and Shawn never quite made it to popular couple status but they were a good couple none the less. I’m sure their upcoming scenes will play very well. I’m also interested to see how the scenes between Cam and Trina play out and what prompts Trina to share her experience with her friend. Hopefully, this leads to some good conversation amongst fans and hopefully this isn’t just a quick public service announcement.


  • Britt and Jason grow closer.
  • Joss tries to make Carly feel better.
  • Peter bumps into Cyrus at the Metro Court.
  • Maxie reaches out to Sam for help.
  • Ned is apologetic.


  • Jordan and Portia have poignant conversation about the challenges they face.
  • Trina shares her experiences of racism with Cameron.
  • Sam insists on helping to find Jason.
  • Michael and Willow put their relationship on hold.
  • Maxie is deceived.


  • Joss’ dad confronts Carly.
  • Britt opens up to Jason.
  • Dante makes a decision about his future with the PCPD.
  • Nikolas puts a plan in play.
  • Curtis and Portia grow closer.


  • Sam has to change course.
  • Carly and her ex clash over Joss’s safety.
  • Nina goes on a date with Elijah.
  • Gladys overhears a private conversation.
  • Alexis offers to help an inmate.


  • Sonny makes an amateur mistake.
  • Sasha and Cyrus have a hostile encounter.
  • Michael diffuses a conversation between Ned and Valentin.
  • Maxie’s doctor surprises her with information about the baby.
  • Brook Lynn is blindsided by Valentin’s latest idea.

Up Next:

  • Maxie and Peter make a decision about the birth of their daughter.
  • Olivia is met by an unwanted house guest.
  • Sasha sees her circumstances as a second chance.
  • TJ reconnects with his father.

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