Next Week On General Hospital: May 11, 2020

The fight for Wiley takes off this week! Look for Michael and Willow to make a life-changing decision that could impact the outcome of the hearing as well as their futures. Did Chase and Sasha’s plan to force them into marriage work? Meanwhile, Nelle has some tricks up her own sleeve. Who will the court rule in favor of? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I’m not really sure how much more I can say about how bad the quad between Michael, Sasha, Chase and Willow is. I don’t find the way that this is set up to be particularly soapy, modern or female-friendly. I’m sure the writers didn’t intend for me to be rooting for Nelle but I am. Nelle is an over the top character who has done a lot of evil but she’s entertaining. The worst sin a soap opera character can commit is being dull.


  • Michael prepares for court.
  • Willow contemplates her future.
  • Nelle asks for a favor.
  • Brook Lynn reaches out to Dustin.
  • Chase declines Finn’s offer.


  • Lucy gets an important phone call.
  • Carly admires Willow.
  • Michael surrounds himself with family.
  • Nelle is antagonistic.
  • Curtis is furious.


  • Sonny is in agony.
  • Olivia is upset.
  • Michael gets plenty of support.
  • Mac pulls Chase to the side.
  • Laura supports Robert.


  • Diane prepares Michael.
  • Carly confronts Chase.
  • Nelle makes a grand entrance.
  • Anna is preoccupied.
  • Nina gives Sasha a hard time.

Flashback Friday
*55th Anniversary Show (MARCH 30, 2018)*
Up Next:

  • Jordan has a warning for Sonny.
  • Nelle is supportive of Nina.
  • Franco surprises Elizabeth at GH.
  • Valentine makes a big announcement.

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