Next Week On General Hospital: May 13, 2019

Oscar may be gone but his spirit lives on! The teen planned a surprise for his loved ones to help them with their grief. Will his final wishes be able to provide some comfort and offer guidance? He wants the family he left behind to be whole but putting aside past differences could pose to be a challenge for some. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVR!

I hope that there is an end in site for several stories on GH. Many have been dragging on past the point of caring. I would have cared more about Oscar’s passing if I hadn’t sat through months of meandering story, most of which left little impact in the end. The same could be said about the cult story. While it’s cool that GH is trying to tell something timely and I dig umbrella stories, whatever message they were trying to tell seems to have gotten lost along the way. Months of Sam and Shiloh staring at each other and talking about nothing was not proper lead up to Sam’s out-of-nowhere plan to let him “initiate” her.

Viewers had a mostly disgusted response to Sam telling Jason she wanted to have him film Shiloh and her in the act. While Sam certainly has a checkered past, her journey took her from the con-artist who used her sexuality to steal from older wealthy men to a devoted lover, wife and mother.  This is character destruction. There’s many different logical opinions for dealing with Shiloh. Hopefully, this story isn’t taken too far.


  • Oscar has a full day planned for his loved ones.
  • Kim’s emotions flow.
  • Cameron steps up to the occasion.
  • Oscar wishes Jason and Drew would put their differences aside.
  • Sonny has a disagreement with Ned.


  • Julian is enraged.
  • Robert loses something of great importance.
  • Felicia shares her theory.
  • Sasha and Michael continue to get to know each other.
  • Valentin feels provoked.


  • Sam has a proposition for Shiloh.
  • Jason takes Carly to the hospital.
  • Curtis grows suspicious.
  • Finn checks in to see how Jordan is doing.
  • Anna misunderstands a conversation she overhears.


  • Carly receives important test results.
  • Peter expresses his gratitude.
  • Maxie checks on Lulu.
  • Alexis comes to Julian’s rescue.
  • Molly comes up with an idea.


  • Laura and Curtis find themselves in a predicament.
  • Ava and Kevin’s appearance together on the red carpet raises a few eyebrows.
  • Lucy and Scott are back to their old ways.
  • Sonny makes an announcement.
  • Nina is thrilled for Sasha.

Up Next:

  • Peter shares Molly’s idea with Maxie.
  • Josslyn puts her best foot forward.
  • Margaux is not thrilled with Laura’s plan.
  • Brad looks to Julian for advice.

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  1. cooks7570

    May 14, 2019 at 10:15pm

    I wish we were seeing Maxie and Chet on this trip instead of Maxie and Peter.

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