Next Week On General Hospital: May 18, 2020

Next week, the last of the new episodes of General Hospital that were filmed before lockdown will air and it’s set to be an eventful week. Nelle shocked her enemies when she showed up to court newly married. Michael and company will be even more shocked to find out the identity of her husband. Will the judge be impressed by the parade of fake marriages? Franco and Liz have been experiencing a bit of tension due to their manufactured financial issues. Will they kiss and make up before the long summer hits? Meanwhile, Alexis is faced with a bit of a personal crisis now that she can’t practice law anymore. Could this be a blessing in disguise that forces her to have a new lease on life? Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (on newsstands now) has a big preview of the upcoming week of GH. One particular preview has garnered a lot of online chatter. “In a shocking twist, one of our beloved characters finds out that she is expecting a child…”, shared Head Writer Dan O’Connor. So who is the mother to be? The two major clues given are that the character is beloved and this will connect to a long running conflict. Can these clues be trusted to make sense later? There is a strong possibility that these are truths that only exist in the minds of GH’s head writing team and not in anyway match up with what viewers have watched play out on their TV screens. Regardless, I have had a bit of fun considering the different options.

If it were up to me, Liz would be the one to discover she has a bundle of joy on the way. She actually fits the clues the most. Liz is beloved and her life is chalked full of obstacles. Fans would be eager to watch what happens next if the writers were smart enough to go in this direction. Unfortunately, even though I strongly feel she would be the right choice, the current head writing team has sent a painfully clear message to fans that they find this popular veteran character and her legacy family unit to be a waste of their time and resources. Perhaps if they were tied to the mob and not General Hospital, this would be more of a possibility.

The most popular theory is that Molly will discover she is pregnant thus launching a messy “who’s the daddy” story. Molly is popular but what long running conflict does she have? Up until recently she had none because we never saw her. Maybe the bickering with her sisters will hit some sort of boiling point but that seems a bit of a stretch. Of course, the conflict may not be hers but that of one of her potential baby daddies. The writers seem pretty proud of the fact that they created a character named Brando. There have been hints that something in his past could put him at odds with the Corinthos clan.

Jordan had sex with Curtis when TJ was kidnapped and that scene may have been the set up for this surprise twist. While the actress is younger, the character is a bit too mature for a pregnancy story. That didn’t stop the writers from giving Carly and Sonny their own baby story last year though. Jordan isn’t a particularly likable character but she does have a pretty big conflict with Cyrus. It’s possible that the writers may think this would be an interesting layer to add to the mob war story they have invested in.

While Maxie’s current pairing has alienated many of her fans, she is one of GH’s most popular characters. The conflict between Peter, Anna, Robert and occasionally Jason certainly has been playing for a long time. She fits the description given perfectly. Maybe the powers that be thought giving Peter and Maxie a child could add a little spark to their poorly received tale.

Willow is currently one of the writers’ favorites and she’s all about the babies! She just married a man she doesn’t love to help him get custody of his child. GH has been doing a LOT with this quad/Wiley story. It wouldn’t surprise me if more plot points were thrown into the mix. While Willow being pregnant with Chase’s child after entering a sham marriage with Michael reads soapy, my patience with all of these characters is running a bit thin. The Madonna role that Willow has been forced into is a bit much and I don’t wish to see it continue.

Which Port Charles lady do you think will learn she is about to become a mother?


  • Nelle announces that she’s a newlywed.
  • Molly has much to celebrate.
  • Jordan has a warning for Sonny.
  • Ava meets the new mobster in town.
  • Josslyn is feeling sentimental.


  • Sonny becomes suspicious.
  • Liz spells it out for Jason.
  • Diane takes a meeting with Carly.
  • Nelle is supportive of Nina.
  • Franco is unsettled.


  • Carly’s credibility is questioned.
  • Michael defends his poor choices.
  • Sonny wants answers.
  • Laura gets a visit from Lulu.
  • Franco surprises Elizabeth at GH.


  • Nelle gives the performance of a lifetime.
  • Valentin makes a big announcement.
  • Laura worries Robert is deluding himself.
  • Nina’s awlful boss pays her a visit.
  • Sasha acts recklessly.

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*52nd Anniversary show*

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