Next Week On General Hospital: May 20, 2019

The Nurses Ball has begun! All of Port Charles has gathered for the glitzy charity event. Fans can look forward to plenty of drama, romantic, entertainment and danger. The plan to lore Ryan has worked but not as everyone expected. Will the deadly doctor bring mayhem to the ball? Meanwhile, look for an unexpected proposal for one couple, some surprised performances and some new romance to bloom. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I always find something to enjoy about the Nurses Ball whether it be the performances or the red carpet shenanigans. That being said, the stories that play out during the big event make a big difference whether the ball was truly a good time or just a cheesy break from the normal day-to-day show. It’s important to play a lot of romance. So far I’m intrigued by Jax and Nina’s surprise flirtation, Scotty and Lucy’s scheming and Anna’s bout of commitment phobia. I’m much less excited about the cult story being played throughout the ball. This would have been a good time to give it a break. Sam’s plan to let Shiloh drug her and have sex while Jason films it doesn’t quite scream sexual responsibility or AIDS awareness. Hopefully, it’s only a minor part of three day event.

Relive this year’s red carpet with our photo gallery!


  • Jason receives a frantic phone call.
  • Peter shares Molly’s idea to expose Dawn of Day with Maxie.
  • Bobbie shows her support.
  • Sonny smooths things over with Mike.
  • Anna is flummoxed.


  • Anna is completely baffled.
  • Kristina confronts Sam regarding her continued involvement with Shiloh.
  • Josslyn gets a very touching message.
  • Sonny remains supportive.
  • Ava struggles.


  • Ava ducks out of the event.
  • Willow does her best.
  • Lucas begins to connect the dots.
  • Sam leaves with Shiloh.
  • Josslyn puts her best foot forward.


  • Margaux is not thrilled with Laura’s plan.
  • Monica has more bad news.
  • Shiloh gets distracted.
  • Sam gets in over her head.
  • Lucas is confrontational now that he knows the truth.


  • Brad looks to Julian for advice on how to rectify the situation.
  • Sam is helpless.
  • Margaux confronts Sonny.
  • Ava looks for answers.
  • Laura calls Chase.

Up Next:

  • Monica gives Drew her blessing.
  • Nina and Sasha enjoy a mother-daughter lunch.
  • Julian suggests Sam would be a better bet.
  • Scott gives Ava the support she needs.

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