Next Week On General Hospital: May 3, 2021

Jason and Britt have a plan in place for his escape. Will things go as hoped? It may depend on a few  key witnesses. Meanwhile, look for the PCPD to continue their investigation. Will Mac be able to convince Dante to join the team again? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Britt tells Finn she’s spoken to Liz about her status at GH.
  • Ava and Nikolas prepare to host family dinner.
  • Laura faces off with Cyrus.
  • Jordan faces an unlikely suspect.
  • Nina is desperate to protect her new life.


  • Carly makes her presence known.
  • Jordan assesses the situation.
  • Cyrus ties up a loose end.
  • Mac hopes to bring Dante back into the fold.
  • Brando questions Sasha’s behavior.


  • Cyrus is livid.
  • Britt remains committed to help Jason.
  • Elizabeth is beside herself.
  • Nina considers a major life change.
  • Joss’ father tries to get her to open up.


  • Joss’ father begins to worry when he can’t reach Carly.
  • Portia drops by The Savoy to see Curtis.
  • Spinelli gets a call summoning him.
  • Sam makes a pact with Dante.
  • Trina stops by Jordan’s house hoping to see her father.


  • Cameron apologizes to Josslyn.
  • Carly feels the weight of Sonny’s absence.
  • Olivia confides in Robert.
  • Valentin questions Anna’s decision.
  • Brook Lynn’s plans are thwarted.

Up Next:

  • Britt and Jason grow closer.
  • Trina shares her experiences of racism with Cameron.
  • Dante makes a decision about his future with the PCPD.
  • Maxie’s doctor surprises her with information about the baby.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: May 3, 2021

  1. cooks7570

    April 30, 2021 at 11:00pm

    Love the Jason and Britt and Brando and Sasha spoilers. I still want to see Valerie pop up more.

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