Next Week On General Hospital: May 31, 2021

Who caused Peters’ tumble down the stairs? Look for some surprising reveals as the hours continue to count down. Was Liz involved or just the lucky one to find him? Did Valentin and Anna’s need to stop Peter from hurting more people reach a boiling point? Did Finn’s anger at Chase’s situation lead him to lash out? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Roger Howarth’s new character debuted this past week and it was really nice to see him on GH again! He’s an entertaining actor and GH really needs that right now. His interaction with Maxie was very enjoyable. Kirsten Storms and Howarth always played well together.

Not much is known yet about the character of Austin but his location suggests a connection to Jimmy Lee Holt a.k.a. Eric Quartermaine. Port Charles could use another Dr. Quartermaine. He also appears to be a good guy with an upbeat demeanor, something very different from the villains and anti-heroes Howarth is famous for. The polite way in which he introduced himself to “Miss Maxie” and shook her hand suggests a working class gentleman upbringing.

There were a lot of rumors traveling around the internet regarding who Howarth would be playing and I’m sure there will be even more now that he’s been introduced. Trust me when I say nobody really knows what’s planned yet for Austin and a legitimate person who did know would not be sharing the information on Twitter or Facebook. What I am able to share though is that you can expect to see the doctor interacting with different people as the story unfolds.

*Encore episode due to the holiday. Original air date November 4, 2020.*


  • Willow confronts Finn.
  • Anna grows suspicions of Peter’s actions.
  • Maxie makes the most of a terrible situation.
  • Laura helps out a friend.
  • Curtis receives an unsettling phone call.


  • Laura makes an unsettling discovery.
  • Curtis reaches out to Jordan.
  • Jackie is sympathetic.
  • Gregory suspects Finn has been avoiding him.
  • Peter is backed into a corner.


  • Laura and Kevin have an emotional conversation.
  • Jordan grows restless.
  • Finn confronts Peter.
  • Liz lays into Valentin.
  • Michael receives a surprising phone call.


  • Britt is caught off-guard.
  • Laura’s life is threatened.
  • Carly receives an urgent text.
  • Willow is sympathetic.
  • Joss’ dad confides in Olivia.

Up Next:

  • Sam questions Dante’s motives.
  • Stella talks to Portia about her presence in Curtis’ life.
  • Elizabeth and Finn work together to rehash Chase’s case.
  • Obrecht helps Anna vent her frustration about Peter.

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  1. Ann marie

    May 29, 2021 at 8:14pm

    Will you be changing the photos to this page. Since a couple of the actors are gone like Billy and Emme?

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