Next Week On General Hospital: May 4, 2020

Molly confided in her sisters that she had a one night stand with Brando and they both had their own strong opinions about her choice. She has agreed to further commit to TJ but is her decision one based on guilt? Sam has warned Brando to stay away from Molly. But in Port Charles, one rarely sticks to the rules. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I am happy that GH is finally utilizing Molly. She’s a well-defined character that the audience has watched grow up on screen and the daughter of a Cassadine. The writers should have been giving her adventures years ago instead of bringing on poorly conceived new characters. Like the returns of Nik and Brook Lynn, this is a smart move. The triangle that is set up between TJ, Molly and Brando isn’t perfect but it has a lot of potential as long as the story sticks to being about Molly and why she did what she did.

Fans have known Molly as a bit of romantic so the question that the audience needs answered is “What happened to the Molly we knew?” She wrote two best-selling romance novels and has been with her high school sweetheart for almost a decade. So why is she suddenly having issues with commitment? I suspect she’s not ready to settle down with TJ (or anyone) yet because she’s still trying to settle on her own identity. Like many women in their twenties, her life is at a bit of crossroads. She has her whole future ahead of her but with that comes a lot of choices that will impact the rest of her life. While her current path has her becoming part of a successful power couple with her becoming a lawyer and marrying a doctor, there might be a part of her that she hasn’t had a chance to fully explore yet. Perhaps she would rather write feminist bodice-busters while dating a bad boy.


  • Molly is annoyed with her sisters.
  • Brando blames Sam when confronted by Jason.
  • Julian and Neil come to blows over Alexis.
  • Liz is protective of Franco after reading Ava’s invitation.
  • Ava plans a party at Wyndemere to celebrate her new royal status.


  • Alexis makes a life-changing confession.
  • Nina and Carly clash over their kids.
  • Martin and Nelle have an important meeting about her future.
  • Nikolas considers how much he is willing to give up to have his son back.
  • Franco offers Ava support after her latest martial disagreement.


  • Nelle looks to Nina for assistance.
  • Brook Lynn lands herself in hot water again.
  • Michael and Willow set their broken hearts aside.
  • Peter runs into Robert at the Floating Rib.
  • Anna reviews the surprising contents of a WSB file.


  • Michael decides to take his lawyers advice.
  • Julian helps a friend in need.
  • Nelle has a proposition that could help her fight for custody.
  • Sonny meets with Curtis.
  • Portia is in for a shock.

*Flashback Friday* (OAD 11/27/18)
Nina has her hands full. Laura confides in Lulu. Maxie and Peter share a moment. Alexis is proud of Oscar. Griffin Ana supports Finn.

Up Next:

  • Michael prepares for court.
  • Nelle is antagonistic.
  • Mac pulls Chase to the side.
  • Nina gives Sasha a hard time.

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