Next Week On General Hospital: May 6, 2019

Sonny and Alexis are determined to protect their daughter from the Dawn of Day cult. However, things have a way of not working out as planned in Port Charles and they may have overestimated the situation. Will they be able to get through to Kristina? Meanwhile, Sam continues to get in deep with Shiloh as she tries to get the information she needs to take him down. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I’m not a big fan of the cult story. The only satisfying outcome would be having this story turn into a murder mystery. Shiloh has made his fair share of enemies and GH could do a successful whodunit. The suspects would be plentiful and, if written properly, the audience could have a lot of fun trying to solve the case. I don’t expect Shiloh to go away anytime soon though. Hopefully, this story will at least start to get some decent movement because I’m tired of just watching Shiloh and Sam hanging out in a poorly decorated living room.


  • Sonny is horrified.
  • Laura sees Robert for the first time in years.
  • Lucy has her sights set on Kevin.
  • Curtis shares an update on his search for Ryan.
  • Peter faces his fears.


  • Alexis is overjoyed.
  • Michael feels grateful.
  • Jason gets a big surprise.
  • Anna struggles to reconcile her memories.
  • Peter surprises Maxie with a grand gesture.


  • Sam expresses her concerns.
  • Valerie has advice to offer.
  • Lucas seeks assistance.
  • Willow makes a confession.
  • Curtis pays Drew a visit.


  • Robert loses his cool.
  • Sonny and Mike bond over their family.
  • Michael underestimates the situation.
  • Kim is appreciative.
  • Sam prepares for the worse case scenario.


  • Kristina makes her intentions clear.
  • Sonny braces himself for an unfavorable outcome.
  • Peter is interrupted.
  • Finn has bad news.
  • Ava and Kevin make their presence known.

Up Next:

  • Cameron rises to the occasion.
  • Robert loses something important.
  • Anna misunderstands a conversation she overhears.
  • Laura and Curtis are in a predicament.

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