Next Week On General Hospital: May 7, 2018

The past certainly has a way of shaping a person – for better or for worse. Mike’s mind may be slipping but one particular memory could prove detrimental for his son. Could Sonny’s first major step into a life of crime be exposed? The world of politics isn’t squeaky clean either and some campaign mistakes could come back to bite Ned. Nelle is using Carly’s grief for Morgan and her previous battles with sanity to gaslight her. Look for an unwitting accomplice to get involved. Meanwhile, Franco’s attempt to heal and bring solace to those Harvey hurt may take a surprising turn. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

  • Ava couldn’t be happier if she tried.
  • Carly steps up when needed.
  • Franco is anxious about meeting the last name on the list.
  • Jason makes up for the time he lost.
  • Ned has his doubts.
  • Jason and Drew have a run in.
  • Valentin crosses Peter.
  • Lulu looks to Anna for advice on how to best handle a situation.
  • Alexis threatens Ned with legal action.
  • Franco catches a break.
  • Carly tries to mend things over with Josslyn.
  • Nelle makes her intentions clear to Ava.
  • Lucas is cautious.
  • Drew and Oscar spend time together.
  • Julian pays Kim a visit.
  • Carly is thrown off guard.
  • Nelle sets Ava up.
  • Finn opens up about his past.
  • Lucy tracks Dante down.
  • Sonny worries about his past crimes.
  • Joss pleads with her mother.
  • Nelle continues her charade.
  • Sonny fills Jason in on recent happenings.
  • Anna finds an opportunity to make her move.
  • Nina is grateful to Curtis for all his help.

Up Next:

  • Michael and Dante have a night out.
  • Kim has good news to share.
  • Ava tries to entice Griffin.

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