Next Week On General Hospital: November 11, 2019

After Brad exposed Julian’s trickery, Lucas was left with a lot to think about. Will He be able to forgive his father’s deception? Has Brad made the situation worse by placing the blame on Julian? Everyone wants what’s best for Lucas but nobody wants him to learn the truth. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Lucas’ visit with Tony was not only a great use of GH’s history but it showed the good doctor’s desire for a stable family. Julian and Brad have convince themselves that they just want what’s best for Lucas. They love Lucas but at the same time they are controlling him through their manipulations. What he really needed instead of the lies was a chance to grieve and someone to pack his lunch before telling him to get back to work because people need him.

The baby switch trope is a bit overplayed to say the least and this particular incarnation has been repetitive and boring. That has changed though in the last week or two. When the tale was all sex cults and antacids, there wasn’t a reason for anyone to care. And as harsh as this may sound, I was never invested in Michael and Nelle’s brief romance or the idea of the either being a parent. I kind of don’t care if Michael learns the truth or not. Brad and Lucas’ relationship is where my investment lies. Lucas is the hero of the story. I want to know if this couple will be able to make it through such a huge obstacle. I feel like Lucas at some point will have to leave Brad but seeing the importance that their marriage has for both men gives me hope that maybe love can conquer all in the end.


  • Lulu panics when she can’t find Charlotte.
  • Valentin gets a disturbing phone call.
  • Jason looks to confront Jax.
  • Finn bonds with Violet.
  • Lucas and Julian hash out their differences.


  • Carly makes a deal with Jax.
  • Jason pays Valentin a visit.
  • Nina is frantic.
  • Robert clashes with Peter.
  • Finn and Hayden finally discuss their issues.


  • Chase gives Robert a little advice.
  • Lulu and Valentin find common ground.
  • Jordan is curious.
  • Carly shuts down Josslyn’s idea.
  • Sonny and Ava have a meeting about Avery’s well-being.


  • Hayden and Violet’s visit is cut short.
  • Monica is kind to Kim.
  • Elizabeth takes Cameron to visit Sonny.
  • Alexis agrees to speak to Olivia on Julian’s behalf.
  • Franco makes a decision.


  • Jason gives a statement.
  • TJ has a diagnosis.
  • Finn tells Liz that he has a lot to sort out with Anna.
  • Brad confronts Julian.
  • Obrecht feels cornered.

Up Next:

  • Kim and Hayden cross paths.
  • Stella has an update on Mike.
  • Julian looks into Brad’s schedule.
  • Valentin is protective of Charlotte.

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