Next Week On General Hospital: November 12, 2018

In Port Charles, it’s usually the innocent that pays the price. As Michael continues to grieve for the lost of his child, parents lives are complicated by their past misdeeds and abuse of power. Carly’s retaliation against Mary Pat along with some incriminating evidence has secured her spot as the number one suspect in the murder case. Look for Carly to lean on Jason for help. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Franco continue to work together to help their kids. Will they be able to get to the bottom of what’s troubling Aiden? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The story of Aiden’s issues at school are very relatable for both viewers who are parents and viewers who had their own struggles growing up. It could be really insightful if given better pacing and more attention. Unfortunately, it’s become repetitive with Liz and Franco having the same conversations over and over. “What are we going to do about Aiden?” “I have an idea that will help Aiden make friends!” “Elizabeth, you’re a good mom!” It’s pretty obvious that Aiden is being bullied and has developed self-esteem issues as a result. The heart of the story lies in how the situation will be dealt with by the parents and teacher involved. Anti-bullying is a continually topical issue, one that has become important to many of GH’s cast members such as Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller. Delaying the reveal doesn’t add anything to the tale. I’m hoping that Franco and Liz find out what’s causing Aiden distress soon so a real story can happen.


  • Sonny ponders what life might have been had he not chosen to murder.
  • Julian appears to have the upper hand.
  • Alexis has some insight to offer.
  • Carly is infuriated.
  • Anna begins to lose her patience.


  • Carly isn’t able to find Sonny anywhere.
  • Jason has an update on the situation.
  • Jordan and Curtis discuss more of their wedding details.
  • Monica shares her personal experience.
  • Julian grows suspicious of Alexis’ intentions.


  • Elizabeth’s patience is put to the test.
  • Franco looks to Scotty for help.
  • Laura is introduced to Sasha.
  • Peter accepts an invitation.
  • Michael and Stella have a heart-to-heart.


  • Anna offers some encouraging words.
  • Sonny visits Margaux to discuss recent events.
  • Cutis is touched by Drew’s act of kindness.
  • Ryan gets close to Jordan.
  • Elizabeth is crushed.


  • Sonny makes a plea to Margaux in an attempt to resolve things.
  • Sam meets Micheal at the Metro Court restaurant.
  • Sasha claims innocence when Kiki’s accuses her of coming on to Griffin.
  • Elizabeth struggles to help her son.
  • Nina is put on the defense.

Up Next:

  • Monica spends the day with Oscar.
  • Maxi and Lulu reflect on the past.
  • Laura has terrible timing.

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