Next Week On General Hospital: November 16, 2020

Sasha and Chase’s plan to push the Michael and Willow into a fake marriage has come back to bite them. To cope with the lost of Michael, Sasha turned to drugs which may cost her life. Will Brando be able to rescue her in time? Cyrus will no doubt want the situation covered up. Meanwhile, Chase found out that Michael and Willow’s marriage has become a lot more real just as he was about to confession the ruse. Will he continue with his lie? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I’m not a fan of the Chase, Willow, Michael and Sasha quad. The way it started made all the characters for lack of a better word look stupid. It’s out of character for the kind-hearted Chase to hurt Willow by pretending to cheat on her with Sasha. As for Willow and Michael, shouldn’t a teacher and the head of a major corporation be smart enough to tell they’ve been played?

Sasha’s downward spiral over losing Michael is extreme to say the least. The couple was an young power couple for sure but never got even close to being life or death. In the real world, someone as successful and beautiful as Sasha would have just moved on to the next lucky guy. On GH though, the next guy ended up being Cyrus. I admit that I am intrigued by which direction Sasha’s story will take. Will she be saved in time or is this the end for her?

Monday TV-14-DLSV

  • Nina feels defeated.
  • Carly cautions Jax.
  • Valentin meets with Martin.
  • Chase continues the ruse.
  • Brando calls Jason with news.

Tuesday TV-14-DL

  • Nikolas steps in to support Ava.
  • Trina and Joss study for the SATs.
  • Jason shares his theory with Britt.
  • Julian is backed into a corner.
  • Epiphany is sympathetic.

Wednesday TV-14-DL

  • Sonny is suspicious.
  • Julian tries a new tactic.
  • Britt may be in over her head.
  • Willow is angered.
  • Michael is in disbelief.

Thursday TV-14-LD

  • Lulu confides in Laura.
  • Alexis mouths off to Cyrus.
  • Sam asks Jason to help her for the night.
  • Maxie checks on Peter.
  • Ava surprises Julian.

Friday TV-14-LDV

  • Alexis lashes out at Julian.
  • Laura advises Lulu to take her time.
  • Jason spends quality time with Danny.
  • Dante and Sonny catch up at the gym.
  • Britt has a revelation.

Up Next:

  • Dante and Dustin have a common goal.
  • Sam senses she’s not being told something.
  • Britt finds Brad having a nightmare.
  • Liz leans on Scott for support.

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