Next Week On General Hospital: November 18, 2019

Anna’s returned to Port Charles has been eventful to say the least. After rescuing one Valentin’s little girl, she was shocked to meet Finn’s daughter. Will Anna and Finn’s relationship be able to overcome this new obstacle? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I wasn’t sure how Anna would fit into the current story with Finn, Hayden and their daughter. The version of Anna who had spent the last few years dealing with her abandonment of her not-really-son Peter while struggling with depression didn’t seem like a good fit for Violet’s potential stepmother. Luckily, the writers have cut out the recon, utilizing the super spy’s true history with her real offspring. She saved Charlotte just like she always saved Robin from GH’s various villains. And “I’m Violet Barnes” was very “My name’s Robin”. I hope this is the version of Anna the writers continue to give us. I’m looking forward to seeing how her story plays out with Finn, Hayden and Violet.


  • Jason gives a statement.
  • TJ has a diagnosis for Alexis.
  • Finn confides in Liz that he has a lot to work out with Anna.
  • Brad confronts Julian about his attempts to break up his marriage.
  • Obrecht feels cornered.


  • Sam is left deeply shaken.
  • Lucas challenges Brad regarding his behavior.
  • Kim and Hayden cross paths.
  • Liz is attonished.
  • Ned and Olivia request Michael’s support.


  • Jason turns to Spinelli for help.
  • Jax confronts Nina regarding her choices.
  • Chase chastises Finn.
  • Ned is suspicious.
  • Curtis and Jordan get a welcome visitor.


  • Nina returns to Valentin and Charlotte.
  • Sonny grows increasingly suspicious a secret is being kept from him.
  • Stella has an update on Mike.
  • Finn is committed to being a part of Violet’s life.
  • Anna doesn’t trust Hayden.


  • Julian looks into Brad’s schedule.
  • Franco pays Monica a visit.
  • Carly sees a difference in Mike’s condition.
  • TJ looks for approval.
  • Cameron wants to know the truth.

Up Next:

  • Laura and Jax get a surprise visit.
  • Valentin discovers some interesting information.
  • Neil puts the pieces together.
  • Finn and Anna have a heart-to-heart.

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