Next Week On General Hospital: November 2, 2020

The teens will take a trip back in time as they learn about the suffragette movement. Look for Joss to discover how her great-grandmother’s courage actions ensured for a better future for women. Be sure to tune in for the all female episode on Monday and remember to watch General Hospital daily!

GH has earned its reputation for being as a pal of mine likes to say a “boap” aka boy soap. It’s on a very rare occasion that the sudser takes a break from its tales of testerone to show the ladies some much needed love. It was a nice surprise to me when I learned that they were doing an all female episode in honor of the suffragette movement. I hope that the writers did a good job showing the strength of the fictional women of Port Charles. Perhaps if the episode does well, it will lead to more stories that appeal to the female demographic that is needed to boost ratings.

Another great thing about then episode the focus on the right to vote at a time when voting is so important. Our country is in the middle of a political unrest as it deals with a pandemic and injustices. Soaps have a long, excellent history of addressing socially relevant issues in ways that other mediums aren’t able to. I hope that this one shot episode inspires some thought from the viewers as it entertains.

If you haven’t already, please VOTE!

Monday TV-14-LV
***SPECIAL ELECTION (and 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment) EPISODE!***

  • Election Day in Port Charles.
  • Joss learns about her great-great grandmother.
  • Portia lends Ava a hand.
  • Lucy shakes off a mistake.
  • Carly and Bobbie are eager for an update.

Tuesday TV-14-LV

  • Julian is desperate to reach Ava.
  • Valentin’s curiosity is piqued.
  • Peter reaches out to Spinelli.
  • Portia squares off with Cyrus.
  • Franco confides in Kevin.

Wednesday TV-14-DLSV

  • Valentin is caught off-guard.
  • Chase heads to dinner with Jackie.
  • Finn is unsettled.
  • Ava sabotages her efforts.
  • Portia confronts Jordan.

Thursday TV-14-LV

  • Anna is desperate.
  • Finn calls Robert.
  • Curtis seeks answers.
  • Dante steps in to help Lulu.
  • Franco makes Jason an unsettling proposition.

Friday TV-14-LV

  • Robert is too late.
  • Peter suggests a new angle for Lulu’s article.
  • Jason approaches Britt.
  • Ava gives Julian advice.
  • Sam hits Alexis with an ultimatum.

Up Next:

  • Julian admits he wasn’t entirely honest.
  • Ned checks on Alexis.
  • Dante puts himself in danger.
  • Elizabeth is determined.

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