Next Week On General Hospital: November 23, 2020

Friday ended with a bang when Julian set off a bomb at The Floating Rib, leaving many of Port Charles’ beloved residence lying in the rubble. Who survived the blast? Julian may have felt he had nothing else to lose but this latest mistake could cost him dearly. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

While violence and children in danger isn’t really a great holiday theme, I am intrigued to see how this all plays out. It goes without saying that not everyone will make it out alive. GH did a good job of showing the audience all the innocent lives that were involved in this tragic event. The mobsters of Port Charles rarely end up hurting each other after all. I’m hoping there are some serious repercussions for not only Julian but for everyone involved in this latest mob war.

Monday TV-14-LV

  • Cameron is injured.
  • Dante and Dustin have a common goal.
  • Mac heads Laura off.
  • Sam leaves Julian hanging.
  • Sonny is devastated.
  • Carly waits for news.

Tuesday TV-14-L

  • Sam senses she’s not being told something.
  • Julian asks Ava for a favor.
  • Maxie looks for Mac.
  • Carly helps Brando.
  • Britt finds Brad having a nightmare.

Wednesday TV-14-L

  • Kevin shares bad news with Laura.
  • Ava gives Julian an ultimatum.
  • Liz leans on Scott for support.
  • Molly and Sam discuss Alexis’ drinking.
  • Sonny wants what’s best for his family.

Thursday *Encore*
(O.A.D. 12/23/19)
In this very special stand-alone episode, the citizens of Port Charles learn the true meaning of the season by way of the Charles Dickens holiday classic. Our own version … A Port Charles Christmas Carol.

Friday *Preemption*
College football

Up Next:

  • Dante and Laura have a difference of opinion.
  • Ava comes to terms with a terrible situation.
  • Martin shares an important document with Elizabeth.
  • Carly is furious with Julian.

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