Next Week On General Hospital: November 25, 2019

Hayden just introduced Finn to their daughter Violet and has plans to make a home in Port Charles. However, she may have to put her life on hold now. Nik’s plan to take back the Cassadine fortune has put Hayden in a dangerous situation. Be sure to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Realizing that there is something about Helena’s portrait that could impact him, Valentin has tried to sway Hayden to his side with the offer of a big reward. Nik might find it best to get Hayden away from temptation as quickly as possible. Bye, bye for now Hayden!

I’m saddened that Hayden’s visit is coming to an end soon. It feels like her story just started few weeks ago. I was always aware that Rebecca Budig’s stay was only temporary so her exit wasn’t really a surprise. What was surprising though was that most of her current run was wasted doing a whole lot of nothing. The reveal that Hayden didn’t lose her child should have been played a lot sooner. Hopefully, we see her again soon.


  • Julian looks into Brad’s schedule.
  • Franco pays Monica a visit.
  • Carly sees a difference in Mike’s condition.
  • TJ looks for approval.
  • Cameron wants to know the truth about Dev.


  • Hayden refuses to be bullied.
  • Valentin is protective of Charlotte.
  • Laura and Jax get a surprise visitor.
  • Lulu catches up with Dustin.
  • Kendra visits Alexis.


  • Valentin discovers some information of importance.
  • Laura just wants what’s best for her family.
  • Willow is a little introspective.
  • Michael is feeling confrontational.
  • Neil’s theory is hits a dead end.


  • Peter is unnerved.
  • Julian takes drastic measures.
  • Brad gets a pep talk.
  • Neil puts the pieces together.
  • Alexis stumbles upon the truth.


Up Next:

  • Finn and Anna have a heart-to-heart.
  • Monica calls Epiphany.
  • Sonny reassures Kristina.
  • Bobbie has terrible news to share.

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