Next Week On General Hospital: November 26, 2018

Whenever Ava tries to show Kiki that she has her mother’s same bad taste in men, things don’t work out as planned. Just ask penguin-loving Morgan. Ava’s latest manipulation tactics could also have devastating results. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Ava had an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction when she found out that Griffin and Kiki had a one-night stand. Now that she’s cooled off, she’s more than happy to put all the blame on Griffin. I don’t believe that Griffin will be faithful to Kiki. He has a very clear pattern of behavior when it comes to women. If Ava were more patient, all she would have to do is simply wait for the relationship to go south and then be there for her daughter. Instead, Ava has chosen to help the situation along by pushing Sasha’s flirtation with Griffin. She’s using some unscrupulous tactics that will surely come back to bite her in the end. Ryan’s new twisted obsession with her will no doubt only make things worse.


  • Ava uses Franco to further her plan for revenge against Griffin.
  • In an effort to help, Monica spends the day with Oscar.
  • Drew alienates Kim.
  • Sam is impressed by Julian’s actions.
  • Stella gets an unexpected surprise that leaves her taken aback.


  • Laura takes it all in.
  • Stella gains some introspective.
  • Jordan gets a surprise.
  • Maxi and Lulu reminisce about the past and how things have changed.
  • Spinelli lends Carly a hand.


  • Nina tears into Ava regarding their daughters.
  • Laura’s timing couldn’t be worse.
  • Oscar is conflicted.
  • Jason pays Sam a visit.
  • Sonny suffers a disappointment.

(Encore – Original Airdate November 27, 2000)
Sonny seals the deal with Laura and returns home to sad Carly (played by Sarah Brown). Sonny comforts Carly, cheers her up with a partnership in Deception. This is Carly and Sonny’s first Thanksgiving together.

(Pre-empted for sports)

Up Next:

  • Ned is uneasy about Julian being at Thanksgiving.
  • Maxie and Peter share a moment.
  • Elizabeth continues to worry about Aiden.
  • Ryan dotes on Ava.


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