Next Week On General Hospital: November 30, 2020

This week Port Charles’ family will come together to say thanks. Things are looking rather bleak for everyone right now but they still have a lot to be thankful for. Will Olivia be able to put together a traditional family Thanksgiving for the Quartermaines or will it be another year of pizza? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Chasing tradition and relishing in the fact that she has unusually unfettered access to the Quartermaine kitchen, Olivia strives to create the perfect traditional Thanksgiving feast for the family and their guests. Meanwhile, Sam and Carly’s mutual contempt fades to an unlikely moment of friendship as they discuss the paths their lives have taken supporting those they love. Brando gives Sasha the support she needs, while Ava wonders if her aspirations of having a happy family can be salvaged. Monica reminds everyone just how much they have to be thankful for in the face of the challenges they’ve encountered, and the arrival of an unexpected guest proves to be the pleasant surprise everyone needs to experience the joy of the holiday.

Monday TV-14-DLV

  • Sam remembers something important.
  • Carly invites Alexis to stay for dinner.
  • Olivia hopes to play matchmaker.
  • Dante and Laura have a difference of opinion.
  • Ava is furious with Julian.

Tuesday TV-14-LV

  • Ava comes to terms with a terrible situation.
  • A lead takes Curtis out of town.
  • Valentin and Martin have a difference of opinion.
  • Maxie runs into Brando.
  • Portia shares an update on her patient.

Wednesday TV-14-LV

  • Jason and Sonny contemplate next steps.
  • Joss confides in Sam.
  • Jordan looks to Portia for help.
  • Peter surprises Finn.
  • Martin shares an important document with Elizabeth.

Thursday TV-14-DLV

  • Taggert lashes out at Carly.
  • Ava looks to Nik for answers.
  • Jordan and Portia have a heart to heart.
  • Martin is taken aback by an unwanted visitor.
  • Curtis learns that Laura has more information than she first led on.

Friday TV-14-DLS

  • Willow and Michael discuss their relationship.
  • Nina is compassionate.
  • Carly is furious with Julian.
  • Ava and Nik come to a mutual understanding.
  • Trina has something important to tell Joss.

Up Next:

  • Valentin looks to Anna for help.
  • Franco seeks Kevin’s advice.
  • Jason’s time with Sam is interrupted by a call from Sonny.
  • Scott is surprised to see a familiar face so far from home.

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